I was tagged by ARON so here are a bunch of random things and pics:

1) I was born on Christmas.My name is close to christmas in Italian and that is how I got my name (Natale- Natalie) Christmas birthday sounds fun and is something special but never enjoyed that one.

2) I've been a vegetarian since my freshmen year of high school - it was a girl in bio class and dissecting livers that inspired me to stop eating meat and fish. First I started with meat and fish a few months later.
2.5) I've been wanting a tuna hoagie with american cheese for a few months now : )

3) I teach high school math - this career really defines who I am and I love it.

4) I used to be a psychoPhillies fan and could name the whole lineup in '93 or '94. Now they are in the playoffs, and I'll watch but not a crazy.

5) One of the happiest time periods in my growing up memories is when I spent summers lifeguarding at my pool, and dragged around my little sister with me everywhere I went. I always loved summer, and I still think lifeguarding is THE LIFE.

6) I absolutely HATE driving. My first 3 years of the work world, my commute was about 6 minutes. Next year it was 9. Now it is 22 to get there and 35 to get home. I want to live in a place where I can walk everywhere.

7) I can be really anti social. When I am trying to get something done (especially at work), I'm not good at small talk. I'm very goal oriented and don't relax much, but sometimes this gets me into trouble.

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  1. The pictures are adorable!

    I always thought it would suck to have my birthday on Christmas. I feel for you.

    Oh, and I have a WHOLE new respect for you knowing you teach high school math.

  2. I love comparing pics from when i was little to now... times sure have changed!

  3. Great pics. My math teachers were always cranky old geezers. So I hated math in school. Hmm. You are so right. Lifeguarding is THE life.

  4. your name is perfect for the occassion! :-) those pics are so cute!!

  5. I'm with you on #7. I have a tendency to get that way also LOL.

  6. YAY i always love learning random new things about people :) fun post!!