Beautiful Day

It is gorgeous out! For running it is perfect! We went out to do our now weekly loop up the street and it was so much more comfortable than last week (freezing!) Each loop is 1/2 mile and today we did 3 miles. Yesterday I trucked through 12 treadmill miles, much of which was walking.
This week with the snow day I made it to 34.6 miles. For Jan: 141.4 miles.

My 12 jars of naturally nutty came Friday night. We had been out to dinner and when we came back, I tried a scoop of every flavor (I ordered 5 different flavors: vanilla almond, vanilla peanut, chocolate and regular butter toffee and cinnamon). Delicious!! Today I made peanut butter bars with peanut butter icing (the chocolate butter toffee flavor which tastes like icing). I also made some tomato/butternut squash soup to even that out and last night some green beans & potatoes. Hopefully I'll be better with the veggies this week!

This past week(week 36)'s workouts:
Monday: yoga 1 hour + 3 miles TM
Tuesday: 2.75 outside at lunch (conference) and 4.4 TM
Wednesday: 5.02 miles TM
Thursday: 4.4 miles
Friday: Swim 2600 yards
Saturday: 12 miles TM
Sunday: 3 miles outside -loop in town

I did alot of running this week and little cross training. I need to do some more arms and more stretching too! And take some days in between off to rest my legs.

Here is the latest guess list:
Once I get my act together AFTER the baby comes, I plan to send someone some Naturally Nutty as a prize (I think 12 jars is plenty for me but I can spare some!) It'll be based on date first then sex and weight.

Happy Feb!


  1. Ok, I'm going with Feb. 11th girl 6lb7oz

  2. Oh my! 12 miles and that far along! That is so great!

  3. PB isn't too popular here - the stores carry an iffy local brand and Peter Pan. My mother-in-law just sent two jars of natural PB. Mmm. Good work on the miles. Don't think I could have managed twelve when I was as far along as you. Right now I'm just getting back to ten miles at a stretch!

  4. Wow, a 12 mile treadmill run. You are my hero. Can you please send me some of your dedication. I am seriously lacking over here.

  5. You are putting in some impressive mileage. This kid is going to come out of you running. Just as a heads up, because I ran so much with Zach in my belly, he likes to constantly be in motion. Be ready prepared not to sit still for a long time.

  6. I want some of that nutty stuff! 7 lbs, 5 oz. Add that to my guess. :)

  7. I still haven't gotten to try to mint chocolate because I haven't done a run long enough to warrant it before today!

    Next time for sure :)

    I can't believe you did 141 miles in January - you're a beast! (In a good way, of course)

  8. WOW 141 miles! Your awesome!

  9. Great week again! You're awesome.

    That PB sounds really yummy! I hope I win! :P

  10. Nice run! :) You seriously are amazing and your little baby is going to come out running for sure!

  11. Another great run! I also love that you ordered 12 jars and busted them open right away. Good thinkin'. :o)

  12. you are awesome :) great job on the week!!

  13. Wow your mileage for Jan is great! Glad you are in good spirits! Have a good week!

  14. ok so my naturally nutty just arrived and seriously this is an off day and i've already eaten too much so I'm trying to pretend that I don't see it!!!

    man kick bootie on those miles!

  15. OMG, your post made me hungry.