6 miles under 10 min mile pace, yaahoooo! I had a good treadmill run today, averaging 9:39 mm - it felt good, I was pressed for time or probably would have done 2 more miles. It felt so good to be in the 6's of speed!

I'm still counting down the days until the BOB gets here - then the weather better warm up and I'll be running outside with the little guy!

I have no regrets about running throughout the pregnancy - in fact, I completely would recommend it to ANY runner out there ! Probably didn't need those long runs but they kept my sanity and kept me going really!

I ran on Friday and it felt like I was still pregnant - I did 2 split up runs because everytime I got on the treadmill for an extended period, Nick woke up and would start to cry. I wasn't timing it right. I had to walk often and something wasn't sitting well in my stomach. So, today's run was very exciting. I was kind of feeling like I didn't want to run when I woke up.

Yesterday I did some lifting and the elliptical. I'm looking forward to getting back in the pool in a couple of weeks and considering switching my gym membership to the Y near my parents house so that they can watch him and we can hit the gym together. Also they have a pool there instead of having to pay extra for masters near work.

Haven't improved my eating much - we've been living on spinach balls - Bill's mom's recipe so I'm getting in the spinach!

I'm really cranky/bitchy around adults that think they need to tell me when he needs to eat or ask "should he be laying like that?" Had it already. I've been really mean to my mom, and feel badly about it, but I wish people would just listen to what we need right now and not overdo it!

Scale is still reading 136.0. The thing is NEVER consistent but my weight has been consistent all week long! I wonder if you hit a plateau and I'm stuck there now and soon as I up the intensity of the workouts, I will lose more weight. No weight control needed for now, but would be nice if some more pounds could come off. By my appointment with Dr McDreamy 6 weeks postpartum, I'd like to be back to my starting weight - or less!


  1. Ahh that would make me bitchy too. Advice is nice once in a while but i can understand wanting people to step back so you can be a parent too.

    Awesome job with all the running, your kickin butt! I cant believe your already down to 136! Look at you go! Be proud, your doing great at being a mommy! :)

  2. It's hard with the parents/other peeps. They mean well, but it gets totally crazy sometimes. I've had it o.u.t with my parents before (especially with the 1st). Oy, oy, oy. I feel your pain. Sorry chica :-(

  3. omg i would be super cranky about that too... i already get that way with other things, i know it will be worse with a baby :)

    GREAT job on your run!!!!

  4. Wow, nice work on the run!

    I'm thinking about getting in 4-5 miles on Tuesday while we're out at KoP. How does this Bob stroller work? I'm assuming he's too young for it (I think you said that in an earlier post), but if not, any interest in running together before/after lunch?

  5. If it improves my running, I'll get pregnant!

  6. That would drive me NUTS! I know that has to get to you. They mean well, but sheesh.

    Unfortunately, I'm sure it will continue throughout his life.

    As far as your weight goes, you will be back to your fighting weight in no time. You're so close already!

  7. Great run! I am extremely impressed and proud of you for running through your pregnancy. I bet it kept you and baby so much healthier and made labor easier. I hope to do the same when I have my own. :)

    Sorry about the criticism coming from all sources.. I think that's just how it is. Grin and bear it, but remember that YOU know best.

  8. Wow! You are my hero! I cannot believe you are running so soon post-partum. I was proud to have started running 6 weeks post-partum!

    Good luck getting back to your starting weight. You really are so close already!

  9. You're doing great! Take a deep breath when the criticism starts and just know that you're Nick's mom and you know best!

  10. I agree - new parent or not, you know best if your baby is happy, healthy, hungry, etc. Advice when asked for please!!!

    Speaking of advice (and you don't actually have to read this, but I worry sometimes when I hear of agressive weight loss strategies, that's all...), on the whole weight thing just remember you are still eating for two and all that running you've done, and will do, will take care of any extra pounds sooner or later for sure.

  11. Having listened to my in laws be critical of various things my sister in law and brother in law have done with their kids, I am DREADING that part of having a baby. They mean well, but when they go and on about it when they're with us, it makes me kind of nervous. However they live much closer to my nieces than we do and basically take care of them 3-4 days a week, so it's probably different if you live further away. I think my mum would be fine and I'd need her for help since she was pregnant on her own pretty much the entire time (dad traveling for work). I could handle her telling me things, but not my MIL. It's tough to strike a balance, but you seem to be handling it really well.

    Amazing running!!!

  12. I agree with people's comments in general...it's like when you plan the wedding or buy a house, everyone wants you to consider what they ahve to say...BUT IT"S NOT ABOUT THEM!

    Ok the naturally nutty may be the problem for both of us and the scale!

  13. I was bitchy with my mom too... felt bad about it, but I was like MY BABY.

    Spinach balls sound great! YUM!