winner! & pregnancy recap

I was just looking at the guesses and the winner was Teacherwoman, who had a guess of Feb 7, boy, 6 lb, 9 oz. Whoa!!! She was right on! The rest of the guesses ranged from the 11th to March 1, so no one was really even that close! Send me your address teacherwoman so I can send you some naturally nutty! tosha25italia@yahoo.

I wanted to do a sort of pregnancy recap looking over the last 9ish months. I can't believe the end result. I think I would do it again and again and again, but then there would be way too many of them. I feel so lucky to have had such a great pregnancy and that it was so easy and I was able to run all the way up to the end, which is amazing to me!!

I went into pregnancy kind of scared and resentful that I had to do it. I just wanted the end result and didn't want to give up my body or running and was terrified of childbirth and bodily changes.

Starting weight 133 on the doctor scale (131 at home) - usually I'm around 128 so I was up 3-5
Ending weight 154 on the doctor scale (154 at home)
So I gained between 21 to 23 pounds which is great.
My weight now at home is 139. I'm not focusing on it and don't care just yet. I want to get back to about 125 when I start training. I still have that line down my stomach - when does it go away Mama Simmons?

Month 1 - May 15- June 15 The first month was went you wait the 2 weeks and test. I had had a miscarriage in March, so it was hard and scary to wait. What was really cool is that we found out on Father's Day that a little peanut was on his way! I started off about 5 pounds from my normal weight and was trying to eat well.

around 150 miles this month, 30-35 a week

Month 2- June 15- July 15
I felt good. I think I was getting winded when I was running already but no morning sickness. I was tired in the afternoons but I was off for the summer so I could sleep! I was still showing my belly and drinking virgin daquiris down the beach with my siblings to stay incognito! I went to a nutritionist to make sure I was eating enough and the right stuff. I was still in a mode where I was watching what I was eating and wanted those 5 lbs to go away.

around 150-160 miles this month, 35-40 a week

Month 3- July 15- August 15
Endured in-law/ parent vacation with lots of running but little patience, kept running but less mileage due to some knee issues. My boobs had a growth spurt! I was having some identity issues and worried about what was to come with my body and life. I also wanted to run a marathon really badly before I got too large and slow.

Month 4- August 15- September 15
This is when we started telling people. I was weird about telling people and not a shout it from the rooftop type gal. It was awkward for me. Going back to school

Race: 5k: Run for your life: 26:
Monthly mileage about 135. August had some knee issues.

Month 5- September 15 - October 15
Rebelling against maternity clothes and refusal to buy them.

Races:Philly distance run 1:58, Baltimore 1/2 2:13
Mileage: about 145-150

Month 6- October 15- November 15
Finally settling into maternity clothes and giving in, but still wearing baggy clothes and nothing form fitting near my belly. Still running along.

Mileage: about 145-150

Month 7- November 15 - December 15
Slower running along, getting bigger, worried about weight gain, a bad dr appointment

Mileage: about 135
Races: Philly 1/2: 3+ hours

Month 8- December 15 - January 15
Turn 30, get anxious, running is ok!
run 8 miles with my sis to finish the disney marathon with her (her first!)

Mileage: about 135-140

Month 9- January 15 - Feb 6!
Realize it is coming soon, taking time! Eating lots of food! Still trotting along, started doing long runs again in preparation for Boston. They take up the whole day!

mileage from Runners World Log:
February, 2009:15.6 Mi 2:59:17
January:141.4 Mi 27:32:05
December, 2008:124.2 Mi 22:50:55
November:155.5 Mi 28:52:37
October:152.1 Mi 25:04:40
September:151.4 Mi 22:32:02

I will add more pics later when I figure out how iPhoto is organized! Pics are all over the place! and I'll add more details - but for now here's a brief look!

I've been writing baby things on my baby blog which you can follow if interested.
Running - not yet- so not much to report! New moms and moms - how long till you started jogging/running again? when did you start exercising but not as high impact as running?


  1. Ohhh the linea negra might stay with you for awhile. It depends on your skin. I have darker skin so it took FOREVER to fade but it eventually does.

    I waited a month to get back to exercise I think . . .I can't really remember. Whenever the Dr said it was cool.

  2. Nice recap! You did a great job through your pregnancy...ran more than a lot of non pregnant runners. You should be so proud of yourself!

  3. I think my line went away after about 10 weeks or so. It's all gone now and it's been 15 weeks but I stopped paying attention to it a while back.

    I went for my frist walk 6 days after Moana was born... Ran 2 miles 9 days later. I don't think I ran more than 6 at a time for the first month though. Now it's full on and I feel like I could do whatever I wanted. :)

    Glad you're doing so well!! I'll have to go read your baby blog b/c I'm curious how things are going with your little one!

  4. Awwh! I love your pregnancy recap! It was really neat to follow your blog all throughout the pregnancy and to now. It was cool to see you progress and now i'm not as afraid as i was before you had the baby.

    How is being a mommy? Do you love it or WHAT? :-)

  5. WOW you really maintained a consistent running monthly mileage throughout your pregnancy! I am so happy for you! Congrats once again!

  6. I think my line lasted quite a while. It's gone now, but my youngest is 3 LOL.

    My midwives asked me to take it really easy for two weeks and then I could start running as I felt up to it. I just looked on my journal from back then and my first run with my second was when he was one month old. I did a ton of walking before that point though as I had a 4 year old who I took to preschool and things like that.

  7. What an awesome recap. You are my hero!! :-)

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  9. I had a very faint line. It was barely noticeable. But 3 weeks on, it's still there.
    I'm hoping to go for a run this weekend. I had a lot of stitches, so I haven't really felt up for it until now.
    There's a cold snap going on in the UK just now, so it could be more skating than running.
    Take care.

    Ps: I was half expecting to log on to your blog and read that you'd started your marathon training :-)

  10. i know i ran a slow mile at 11 days, and was back at boot camp 15 days after. by then i felt really normal exercising. of course i still haven't even quite made 6 miles running, but that's pure laziness. so short answer, at 2 weeks i felt great. i'm going to read your baby blog now!

  11. I'm still amazed you were able to run so well during your pregnancy! That's so great and I'm sure part of the reason you gained such little weight.

  12. Glad you're doing well and in good spirits. I waited 2 weeks with both boys before resuming running. Did the swimming pretty quickly but had to wait a little longer on the biking due to the severity of the stiches.

  13. Your mileage throughout the pregnancy is amazing! And you didn't even mention how many pairs of running shoes you went through or anything!!! With that kind of running you must be getting a new pair every couple of months.

    Anyway, thanks for the report and continued success and good health to you and the little guy.

  14. That's a very cool recap. It's interesting to read about the first few months, since we didn't know you were preggers yet. It's a whole different perspective.

    I'm excited to read along with your all new journey into motherhood. Good luck with healing and getting back to running soon!

  15. Great recap N-slice. You two (errr, three) are such a fabulous duo (ummm, trio). Way to go, homies!

  16. Good recap. I started running after 10 days - only a mile at first. Be good to yourself. You'll be tempted to do too much too fast. Trust that you'll make it for Boston.

  17. i love this recap and am still soooo amazed at how awesome you were during your pregnancy!!! wow :)

  18. Sounds like you are doing great. I've still got my stupid line. And I had a c section so I couldn't do much other than walk for 6 weeks so I've got no good advice for you there. Just take it slow.

  19. Great recap. You are such a role model- you stayed consistant, active, and healthy. I hope I can maintain your fitness in the future when I have children! I think this predicts that you are going to be a great mother now too. :)

    Happy one week birthday Nick!! <3 Happy Valentine's day. You've got a lot of love in your house this time around. :)

  20. Great recap! I will email you!

  21. Love the recap. You had an amazing pregnancy. I'm so glad it all worked out so well (including the running).