Change the way you THINK about it

So far, I'm just working on changing my mindset. One of my favorite inspirational quotes is "If you don't like something, Change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it." I really like that. It was on a Mary Engelbreit card. It looks like it is a Maya Angelou quote though.
Today I was running along the road, and this family or group of 4 adults was walking 4 across. At first I thought, get the F*&# out of the road!!! Then I thought, ok, let's make this positive. They are not in my way, so it became 'That's cute - family/friends taking a nice morning walk." It is the little things. Beachrunner's comment that the glass is full but that I'm looking right through it, made me think of an inspirational book that I was reading that was saying how many people spend much of their lives in a 'coma.' Wake up, go through the routine, and you aren't even thinking about it, go to work, come home, but don't enjoy the things around you. It is good to take a step back and be thankful for what is good in our lives.

Good things for today
I can see the beach!
Spending quality time with my hus. and family
Another runner this morning gave me a "keep up the good work" as he passed me :)
Only one more full day of being in one house with inlaws&parents -maybe on the negative side...

Was going to get up and drive to the center of town to do a different run this morning but woke up too late and just ended up doing the same route I did a bunch of times earlier this week. My nike+ said 7.23 but I gmapped it and got 6.56. I'm going to try to go into town tomorrow and do a longer run for this week. This morning getting up and motivated was difficult. Some days are those where I have to DRAG myself out the door and put one step in front of the other.
What motivates you?


  1. i definitely have those days too! this morning i snoooozed away so i didnt get up :) but i will get the run in tonight!

    good job for changing your mindset!

    getting a "keep up the good work" from another runner always makes my day too - i wonder why?!?

  2. I never understood people who DIDN'T drag their asses a bit first thing in the morning. Great job on the run today and thanks for the shout out. To repeat the message of the runner you passed: "Keep up the good work." :)

  3. Ahhhh practicing gratitude is a wonderful way to start. So many simple things we take for granted, so much to be grateful for :-)

  4. That is a great quote! Makes me think how I am hadaling things especially as of late. Thanks for posting a positive message today it really changed my outlook today.

  5. I would have thought the smae thing about the people walking 4 across! I would have thought, you better not make me move.

    Nice job on the run. Here is to positive thinking.

  6. the quote is perfect...just right for my mindset, i can't change that pregnancy is making me slower, so all i can do is focus on the good things about that (ummm, any suggestions on why it's good to be slow?). i also noticed fromyour other blogs you're a hs teacher in PA...i'm a hs teacher in CT, and i went to conestoga in berwyn!!