10 mile recovery and better eating

The 10miler probably took longer than the marathon to recover from! My quads have been sore since their wake up call on Sunday. I've done some slow short runs, today, yesterday and Monday.
I still don't know how I even managed a pace under 9 with how slow I've been training, but that just shows that my legs are ready to rumble!!

I've been eating better since Monday. Snacks have been apples and bananas, kashi go lean cereal w/ almonds, cranberries and some mini chocolate chips. Last night I had a big bowl of honey/cinnamon roasted chickpeas. They were great since I always have a sweet tooth! I want to try these burgers that have been suggested by Jessica - eating goes well when I have self control.

I dropped Nick at the Y today for 1/2 hour this afternoon. I met a friend and we took our boys swimming and after that he was passed out, so he slept there and I ran. They seemed to do a better job checking everything.

Nick is 3 months today! That FLEW by.

Unathletic runner - you have till the end of the day today! tomorrow I will have to pick a new winner :(


  1. Glad to hear the trip to the Y went well today. I can't believe little Nick is already 3 months old. I saw some pics on your other blog and he is turning into quite the little man. Too cute!

  2. He's really 3 months??? Can't believe it!! Your training sounds like it's going really well. Kashi Go Lean is now my husband's fave and he doesn't eat anything else in the morning at work. My addiction is the Heart to Heart I had a bowl at work and then a bowl after dinner last night - it's just so good! Have you tried their new line of snack bars - chocolate coconut, raspberry chocolate, and pumpkin pie? They're really good and only 120 calories. They're kind of on the small side, but they are pretty filling.

  3. Like others said, those 3 months really did fly by. And I'm glad things went well in the Y. When you have options like that you feel so much more free. And good job eating well - I bought some things covered in dark chocolate at Trader Joes tonight so I am doomed.

  4. I am glad that things seem to be better at the Y! I cant believe nick is three months old already, time really have flown by!

  5. Nicky is growin up Nat! Its crazy how time flies! :)

  6. No days off since Broad Street? No wonder your legs are still sore :)

  7. wow 3 months that doesn't seem possible!!

    I would say a seriously fast 10miler is good cause to be sore...and rest.

  8. How is he already 3 months?? I feel like just a few weeks ago I found your blog and you were pregnant. Time flies!