SALUTE TO Angela - tiart

This week's runners lounge is a salute to a running mom. Since my mom doesn't run, no matter how hard I try...

I'm saluting ANGELA for her amazingness - she has a little guy, Zach, works full time, and is super speedy. She gets up before work and gets in crazy workouts, this computrain thing that sounds incredibly cool, track workouts, long runs, swimming at lunch. I don't know how she does it, but she gets it all in, she runs fast, and seriously PRed at her last race. She ran the Disney 1/2 marathon just a few months after giving birth, and ran it fast. She gets it all done and is totally inspiring to me.

Angela, you inspire me! I hope I can someday follow your suit.

A salute to Angela.. and a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!


  1. I salute you Natalie! Your an awesome mom and runner. I dont know any other woman thats trained for boston while pregnant!

    Enjoy your first mothers day, you ROCK! :)

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you too!! And I second that, in regards to Angela. She's an amazing athlete and person (it's crazy how I think I know her even though I only know her through her blog!) not to mention has an ADORABLE little boy!

  3. You are a great mom too! happy mothers day!

  4. Wow! This was an incredible surprise. I am honored to have the shout out. And you are unbelievably amazing and Nick is a lucky little guy to have such a strong woman in his life. Happy First Mother's Day!

  5. I'm with ya on Angela. Holy crap she's amazing with all she does!

    Happy Mother's day to you too!

  6. Happy Mother's Day to you too!!!

  7. Aw how nice! You are totally right, Angela (as well as you!) are huge inspirations to get the workouts in and love up our little ones as much as possible.