Fit it in

Nick chilling while I ran

This morning we were heading down the shore. Nick was up last night at 11, then 2, and 5. Back to the old days for a night, it was rough! I had planned to get up around 8 to run, and I was up at 8, but so was Nick, and he was all stuffy and fussy. I ended up running around 10, and having to speed race the last few minutes, hop on and off of the treadmill to entertain Nick, and finally with 5.9 miles I stopped. I packed a few things up, put some things in the car, and hopped back on the treadmill and ran as fast as I thought I could (8.0) to finish up to 6.5 miles. It wasn't very fun, but it was nice and quick! The house was so humid - it was not comfortable running weather!

We left for the shore and I took Nick for a walk and later a quick jog, but again - humid, even though it is 60 down here! I was going to go for 3.5 miles to finish up to 10 today but I made it less than that, I have to map it out.

I made these yummy raw food bars last night - tried making them like Samoas - the girl scout cookies. I started with the dates, then added chocolate chips, cocoa, oatmeal, and almonds. They were good!

A few people are running their first half marathons coming up - check out the guide!


  1. That picture of Nick and the bear is adorable. They have the same expression on their faces.

    And good job getting those miles in. I would have given up.

  2. Here's to long humid runs on a treadmill. I feel your pain!

  3. Could you put up a recipe for those raw food bars? They look so good! You're super efficient and fit to get those miles in despite Nick wanting to stay awake. he's getting so big!!

  4. Love the pic with Nick and the Care Bear. Too cute.

  5. Man, I ran outside early this morning, and it was brutal... the air was so thick I could barely breathe.

    Have a great weekend away!

  6. The shore looks lovely! The pic of nick chillin with the bear is SUPER cute! Sounds like a great day of running! Super Mom Natalie!

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  8. Nick is so cute and getting big. I am not looking forward to the humidity.

  9. i love care bears that is friggin adorable!!!

    I am hoping to make my first raw bars when I get back from SD...any good places to look for recipes?

  10. He is so cute, Natalie!!

    Bars look good, too. I love all the experimenting.