Out on the bike!

This morning I went out and biked with 2 other girls that I met through speedwork running.  This week I've been taking a look at my options for getting out on the bike. I'm into it.  It was great this morning.  I met Lexi at speedwork in Feb or March. She said the bike was her strength in the triathlon and wanted to improve on the run. We're both teachers and I knew she was doing Philly so I checked in with her to see how she did and she said she'd ride with me this week. So nice! She was teaching me sayings and helping me with gears. It was so helpful and nice of her and was a beautiful ride. I would never know where to go and loved having 2 other people to guide me. We did 21 miles in about 1:40 - slow but it was great! I swam before that and yesterday I did spin class and ran so my legs are tired. It's an off day tomorrow. I'm excited to get into the bike. : )


  1. Nicely done! It's great that you are networking and getting help from others! I am trying to get into groups more to get that boost! Enjoy the rest day!! It sounds like you legs will be thanking you!

  2. Yeah for finding riding buddies! I had a great bike with a mate on Fri - 35 miles and most enjoyable it was too! Enjoy your rest day - I'm looking forward to mine tomorrow too!

  3. yeah, it's so important to have someone to ride with when you are starting out. heck, even now...i know how to ride, but i don't push myself, and i don't find the motivation unless i have a buddy or a group.