#2 - getting shafted on naps

Every morning for Kara's morning nap, we are out and about. She usually falls asleep on the way somewhere (library, gymboree, errands) and wakes up while we are there and doesn't go back to sleep. Her nap is only 30 minutes and then she is not too happy.  It stinks because then she is awake and I can't really do the activity with Nick either.  I feel bad that she is not getting to nap at home but I guess that is the way that it is. Any tips for mom's dealing with the same thing here? 


  1. Eh, just leave her at home in the pack and play. It's not like she can get out! ;o)

  2. Yeah- I don't know how that works??? Seems like you'd have to actually stay home in the mornings to let Kara take her nap.. but then Nick doesn't get a good morning activity... it's a trade off when yo've got opposite nap schedules like that.

  3. no clue. hoping others with 2 chime in, i will be back to read!

  4. It completely sucked until the boys were both on the same nap schedule. then it only stayed like that for a few months before ryan gave up his nap all together.

    I just kept on with the routine I wanted to create inthe morning. If that meant Brayden was awake and needing some attention during ryan time then that's how it had to be. We eventually moved ryan's time to hte afternoons when Brayden was definitely asleep.