The week started with this list: kale, peppers, zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, portabellos. I made a list for the week of how I could use everything before we got a delivery today of more produce. I'm happy to say I succeeded! Below are some of the things I made this week. Our produce box this week sucked big time (for next week). I order it occasionally and like the variety. I think we got ripped off this week though!

Dinner one night was this with roasted carrots with garlic & thyme - decent but wayyyy dry. I need to find a way to make it more moist. It was good with hummus + nutritional yeast sauce.  This used black beans and broccoli.
Crunchy Quinoa Loaf

roasted pepper spread worked too
Thursday I roasted peppers at 400 with olive oil and salt and pepper and then popped them in the food processor. This spread was delicious! and an easy way to get in some veggies!

Earlier in the week, I made breadcrumbs for the first time. What an easy way to save money!  I used Ezekial Bread - baked it in the toaster oven at 300 for about 5-8 min and then food processed it.

I used the bread crumbs atop zucchini boats (zucchini, butter, cheese, breadcrumbs) and portabello mushrooms.
Other things I made: sauteed kale and beans, the asparagus soup, & wheatballs! This time I baked the wheatballs and used some peppers in place of mushrooms. They were delicious!

This first week of November I am thankful for the opportunity to stay home with my kids and spend my time with them while they are little.  I'm also thankful that I have been blessed with 2 healthy and happy little ones. What are you thankful for?


  1. Today i am thankful for Friday.... even more so Saturday! :)

  2. Do you order the produce from a co-op in Philly? We used one from Fishtown but selection got boring fast - more luck just trying the various farmers markets.

    p.s. my wife and i will be running philly half-marathon for our 12-year anniversary. she's run marathons (phillyx2, scranton)but i'm workng my way up (10+ mile long runs last 2 weekends)

  3. Hi David - it is the Main Line area- What a fun anniversary event! Natalie

  4. I love to play "clean up cooking" with the last of the produce before going shopping! It always yields such interestingly fabulous results!