Baby schedule 3.5 months and running log

Skip for those not with babies:
I am always looking for schedules of well established babies so I'm posting mine because I feel like Kara did really well on a schedule and I've moved her to 4 feedings and so far she is doing well.   Hopefully I will help someone out there, I am always looking for help! She started sleeping the night right around 8 weeks and doing really well with it and now she sleeps about 11 hours at night.
2 & 3 months - 8/11/2/5/8 feedings. 3-4 naps a day about 1 hour to 1.5 hours after wakeup I used babywise as much as possible- getting her on a schedule as soon as possible and I think it really helped.   With Nick, I never woke him up to eat and didn't get him on a schedule till 5 months.

3.5 months 
I'm up around 5 to pump. Sometimes I work out and start the day then or I just go back to bed!
7:30/8 Kara wakes up - feed
Naps around 1 hour 45 minutes after waking up say 9:30-11/11:30 - swing or car
Feed 11:30/12
Nap around 1:30-3:30 - swing
Feed 3:30/4
Nap around 5:30-6 - swing
Feed before bed after bath and books - rock to sleep
Pump before bed!
*not on a healthy sleep schedule yet (in the crib) or going to sleep on her own but I'm cherishing the moments until I have to do that and rocking her!

baby girl

Running/training etc.
Last week I did the long run mid week and I'm going to try to do that again tomorrow. My long run last week was 12, so I'll be happy with 10 miles tomorrow. I feel about 70% for the half marathon. Not sure that it will be a PR but I think I can beat my September time.

My legs have been tired. After the track session, it took me awhile to recover. Last week there was too much back to back running. I only swam one day and didn't bike at all! This week I'm running 3 days in a row and then one day off then run again. I'll try to swim 2 days and do some strengthening. I enjoyed running only 3 days and fitting in everything else but then can't reach my mileage goal as easily. I got the bike trainer set up and I have to get some air in my bike and get going! 

I've been using the Runner's World log for all of my running, swimming, biking. What do you use? Do you log your miles? I feel like I have to log them and like looking back at them, but sometimes I feel like I'm just logging junk miles just to reach my goal.  Abby said she stopped tracking miles which I found interesting and wonder if I could do! What's your take on this? Amanda had posted on this a bit ago and I enjoyed reading her post and comments. One thing I've incorporated post Kara is the rest day. I really enjoy it and would like to even have 2 rest days. It feels so good, I don't feel guilty and my legs get a break. Happy balance.


  1. I don't remember mentioning that :) But yep, I did stop recording, and I'm really happy with the decision. No more junk miles, no more stressing over the number of monthly miles... Just quality runs and good cross-training.

  2. I log miles for the 1000 mile challenge but before that it was just when training for races. Before then I just tried to get in at least 25 a week. I am having a hard time finding a rhythm that works for me since it is getting cold. It's hard to take Em with me. Any suggestions on keeping her warm?

    You have a great schedule with Kara! I'll keep that in mind if #2 is ever on the way!

    You look awesome!

  3. I love schedules- i can understand wanting to keep your kiddos on schedule too!

    for my running, i used to use runners world, but now i started using daily mile and i like it 20 times better! :) you should check it out!

  4. Thanks for posting your schedule... it's encouraging. I hope I can do half as well with my 6 week old soon!

    Good luck with the half =)

  5. Your littlest one is getting so big! Wow!

  6. Does Kara nap for all that time? Murray used to go down for atleast 2 hours after first feed at 6am but now I'm lucky if I get an hour so if i wanmt to work out baby free I have to be quick!

    if I'm in the house, as long as he has actually had an hour he will want a nap at about 11am and 2/2.30pm. He will sleep for 45mins - 1 hour. If I'm out and about he'll sleep in car/buggy but that can be a pest if it's a short journey! The rest of the time he is AWAKE!!!!!!!! We do bath at 6 and he's down by 6.45pm.

    I do log miles but I count x-training in them as it is all wear and tear and training on your body. It prevents me over training but equally can boot my butt out the door on unmotivated days.

    I have always had 2 rest days. I find any more (I don't mind doing pilates on one of those days if needs be) I can quite easily get sick and running/exercise can become a chore instead of the joy it is when I rest 2 days per week.

    Kara is really growing. I really have to think about my posture when I pick up Murray now - heavy!

  7. What a gorgeous picture. Kara is so adorable. I got quite broody there...for a very brief second :-)

    I log everything on Sporttracks and Garmin Connect. I just log, don't analyse. I download everything from my watch, so I suppose there's not much "logging" involved.

  8. I definitely love to log/tack my miles. I upload Garmin data directly to RunningFreeOnline, and I also manually enter into Daily Mile. I am a number junkie!

  9. I'm still getting up at 5 to pump too. Although I've NEVER had the urge to get up for teh day. :o)

  10. i log my miles on runners world and on a calendar i have at home. honestly, i think i just log them to keep track of numbers. i do write what kind of workout it was, pace, etc. i never usually look at it but as i just posted about how i'm having doubts, i pulled out the log to see when i really got started with things. so maybe it's helpful afterall.

  11. I have a 2 year old and am due with my 2nd in January. I LOVED the concepts of Babywise and really think they helped with my daughter getting into a routine. Those routines help so much. I think its great you share what is working for you!

    Tina -

  12. Thanks for posting the schedule -- I love seeing how other babies are doing! I am a big Baby Whisperer fan..but I am not going to go full force with it until she is 3 months (she is 10 weeks now). Just wondering how many hours "sleeping through the night" was for Kara when she was 2-3 months. Also wondering what you do if Kara wakes up early from her naps -- how does that affect your schedule for the rest of the day? Also, during the night do you let Kara cry at all -- does she grunt or make noises? I am terrible at jumping at the first noise and I think I should let her make a bit of noise. Thanks so much! Kate --

  13. i bet everything about what your body needs emotionally and physically is still shifting. I think you are doing amazing!

  14. i'm so impressed by all you do! the cooking and training on top of raising two babies--do you ever stop to think how awesome that is?