Feeling inspired


Today was the Philly marathon and half. Going to the expo and thinking about the weekend, I really wished I was in top shape to do the marathon. I was excited about this morning!

I kind of went into it with my goals A:PR (sub 1:53), B: under 2 hours C: beat time from September 2:07:xx.  My entry was a comp from the organizers since I write running articles and promote the event (btw - would love for you to subscribe to my articles and leave comments!) so I went into it knowing I was planning on taking pictures and videos so that I could write a good article. I wasn't racing it.  The last 2 days I didn't run. I felt like I was just falling apart not doing any exercise for 2 days and I kind of didn't care?!?!

Yesterday I bought Clif Vanilla Shot gel and Margarita Shot Blocks. I probably should have looked up the benefit of extra sodium? What is it?  It says on the package it helps with cramping so I thought that would be helpful.

For breakfast I had a Smores Z bar, cup of coffee and toast w/ PB. Kara was up from 3-4:15 last night. She's been sleeping the night for almost 2 months and this always happens the night before a race. I am BEAT at this point.  Before the start I ate one block. Starting out, I felt GREAT. I had lots of energy. AFter a mile, I was running 9:30. I was kind of PO'ed that I wasn't running faster but it didn't get me down. I was "reporting."  My pace continued along in the mid 9s. I knew I could go faster but I felt good so I just kept on running.  I had another shot block after about 40 minutes and a third towards the end.  My stomach wasn't right all morning but I was running fine. At mile 8, I had the Vanilla Clif gel. It was AMAZING. I have to try it when I am not mid race, but holy moly, I was in love. It tasted like homemade vanilla icing. LOVE!
I felt good until about 11 miles and my stomach was just a mess, legs tired. I still wanted to be there enjoying it and did, and made it through.

I finished in 2:06:xx which is TOTALLY disappointing - I definitely thought I could go under 2, but I don't care all that much. I didn't train hard for it but still, I feel like I should ne able to knock out a sub 2 hour half w/o hard training. The last 2 weeks haven't been my strongest running weeks. We'll see if I give myself more time if I can get my mojo and speed back!

I would say things that worked:
not running the last two days - my legs felt rested.
Coffee definitely gave me a boost. I felt so good!

Things that didn't work:
Got there too late (6:20 for a 7 start) and used port-a-potty then ran to my corral last minute
Whatever I ate yesterday - I had stomach issues for about 4 hours after finishing. Mess!

I watched the winners finish the marathon and the 3:20/3:30 runners and was so inspired just watching. I want to get in top shape again and do a marathon under 4 and get my real half marathon time when I'm in shape. I'll come up with a schedule of a few key races and hopefully get back on my horse.

Now I need to know how moms get motivated to do their best and find the time. My drive has definitely decreased. I was so strong going into Boston a couple months after Nick was born, then I burnt out, then I got pregnant with Kara and here I am: BLAHhhhhhh.  I'm not sure what my plan should be for the next couple of months but I don't want to just sit around and be fat and lazy. Lucky for the Bootie Buster challenge I will be somewhat motivated?

I took Recovery e21 (thanks Mama Simmons) and I'll let you know what I think of it this week!
I got to meet the winner, 25 year old Dan from MA. Nice guy!

No kids/family today - I was a loner! Fun morning :)


  1. but you did beat your time though :-) maybe your body wasn't used to the coffee? did you start drinking it regularly before the race?

  2. You beat goal C! Be proud girlie - don't beat yourself up! You'll find your drive, I think it's just this time of year that can weigh us all down! Congrats!

  3. Not bad at all I'd say, especially since you were taking pictures and what not along the way!


  4. Nice job! Congrats on the half!

  5. You're way too hard on yourself! You did great and you have a wee little one. You'll be back where you want before you know it!

  6. The fact that you were out there, pretty much says it all - you're stronger and more amazing than you think. Part of the reason I ran the Rock'n'roll was b/c I just don't fare well in the cold weather. You did really well (how many other people in Phila were in bed snoozing this morning . .hmmm? :)

    And given how much cross training you've been doing lately, I think the motivation is just with the running. You have two kids under 3 and that's a huge hurdle to overcome in organizing your workout schedules too. I have some friends in the same situation who barely have time to do one or two things a week. Be proud and know that you're finding your way back . . just taking a different route :) Did you sign up for the tri you were talking about? Maybe that will help w/ motivation?

  7. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I wish I could like gels and other supplements as much as you do. I have to force them all down.

    As for motivation, for me, it's just that feeling of going fast. I love pushing myself to get faster and faster. Maybe I will feel different after we have #2, but after Zach, just the thought of going fast was enough to get me motivated.

  8. nice job girlfriend! you kicked booty!!! <3

  9. You ARE hard on yourself- I think ther is a snow balls chance in hell of you becoming 'fat and lazy'! You beat goal C! It is HAAAARD getting in the workouts with babba and you have 2 babbas - i can't even fathom it. I find that my body still gets tired after training (I've had good workouts this week but last night I was gubbed) and my friend reminded me that our physiology is all still returning to normal for at least 9 months post partum so energies can be low.It all takes time. It's frustrating as hell but keep it steady and you'll get there - it should be all about the aerobic base at mo'.

    Yeah the coffee could have done the tum if you're not used to it.

    Recover (and I mean recover) well,


  10. I'm not sure how I'd handle 2 kids so close together in age. It's a major circus getting it all done with just one. You're doing an awesome job.

    Philly is one of my favorite marathons. I'm glad you enjoyed your day!

  11. Congratulations! You did GREAT!

    It's tough to get motivated w/the little ones. Just take it day by day. You're doing great and inspiring others -- be proud!

  12. Way to go! I think the little ones can BE the motivation. I just think about how I want to be a good example for them, and also how I want to be the healthiest I can be to keep up with them :-)