e21, recovery & nutrition

I was sent Recovery e21 to try and review. From the website, e21 is"new, natural, full spectrum electrolyte replacement product for athletes who regularly put their bodies to the test." It is marketed for muscle cramp relief, and my understanding was that it helped in recovery after a hard workout.  I think I actually could have taken it in place of gel or blocks yesterday around mile 7 or 8.   Regardless, I took 2 capsules of e21 a few hours after finishing the half yesterday.  I could tell I was going to be sore around mile 9 when places on my body kind of just hurt!  After the last one, I felt like I wasn't going to be able to get out of bed and I was sore for a couple of days. I am definitely sore but it's a lower grade sore. I feel like it did help ease my muscle pain and make the recovery a bit easier. Another factor was that I was in better shape going into this one, which also helped. I'll report back with more as I use e21 for training runs and races going into the spring, but I think it is definitely something to check out for electrolytes and muscle cramps.  Here is some info from the website as to what is included. It has a money back guarantee - check it out here! 

Also if you want to try it out for 20% off, use code 'mamasimmons'

What is sore today?
  • I have shin splints - why why why? Usually I would get them if I did speedwork or raced too fast. Maybe I'm just not in the right shape? or maybe it's my shoes. Got them in Sept also. 
  • My shoulders/upper back need a major massage. This happened last time too - again, maybe just not in proper shape?  My form?
  •  My quads need a roller (yep, have one!) and hamstrings feel a nice stretch when touching my toes (can't reach- ouch!) 
  • The inner thighs are a little sore - butterfly stretch.

Overall LAME-O!! But yes, it's only been 4 months. Sometimes I forget that. I think in about 5 more months I'll be ready.  Here I come spring!

I have been eating mostly whole foods, non processed crap: fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, beans.  By 4 months after Kara(just a few days ago), my weight from Kara was gone (goodbye!) and I have 4 pounds to go to pre-Nick weight! I haven't been doing anything special, but I think the good eating paired with chasing around Nick and having Kara also keeps me on my feet and burning energy.   Maybe the nursing is helping too.  This will help along with getting into shape so I can post some good times (hopefully!) in the spring.


  1. I think that just like race day, where anything can happen, I think that with recovery, anything can happen, too. There may be more than one thing to point to, but I have a feeling you just got more of a workout that you thought!
    Congrats on the weight loss!

  2. Your a weight loss machine!!! Keep it up mama!

  3. Thanks for testing things out for us:) Great job on your weight loss! You are amazing!

  4. Yep. Take the e21 both before and after key workouts and races... maybe even in the middle if the event is longer than an hour. And there's a good possibility that had you not taken that extra GU you might have avoided the stomach upset you said you had. Too many simple sugars can do that to you during longer races. Live and learn. Try it next time! :)

  5. I've never heard of the e21. I'll have to check it out. I usually take L-Glutamine following a hard workout. It's always kept the sore muscles at bay.
    It's funny so see all your aches and pains...I mean, well...not funny as in "ha ha You!"..but funny because it makes you wonder why we run? Why workout to feel like crap? Amazing, isn't it?!!!. But isn't there something rewarding in all that pain? I think so.
    I have a hamstring that just won't go away. It's better than it was but I wish it would disappear completely without me having to take time off.

  6. I hope all of those aches/pains/tight muscles are feeling some relief soon!

  7. I definitely think yoiu aren't givine your self enough credit for how quickly you bounced back. SO I'm sure those aches will be a thing of the past before long

  8. Great job on your weight loss! You are amazing! Hope you are feeling strong a gain quickly.