Catching up

I hope that I still have readers out there. I haven't been on google reader in a while and haven't even had a chance to post. Hopefully I will be back!

Last week we were at the shore and we returned on Sunday. We had a great time with the exception of the sleeping situation. It wasn't horrendous but could have been much better. It was the first time that we had to sleep with a kid in our room. The first 2 nights, Kara was in our room and was up in the middle of the night for hours both nights. She was laughing hysterically the second night and trying to crawl away.  It was pretty funny but not at 2 in the morning. Then we moved her to her own room and Nick into our room. Nick didn't wake up in the middle of the night, he just woke up at 6am instead of 7am. My parents and sister were also down. My sister felt like she got ousted from the house so she didn't really hang out with us at all. And I felt like I had to shhhh! everyone when the kids were napping. It really wasn't that fun during the times we were inside the house, and I learned that next time we'll rent our own place. I'm too schedule oriented with naptimes and need my own space.  Overall, the beach was fun, the kids had fun. I did take them back to the house to nap, so I felt like I was on the beach from 11-1 and then 5-7. It wasn't a lot of beach time, but I preferred nap time to having to deal with 2 cranky kids. Do you have your kids nap while away on a "vacation?"

Here were some of my favorite pictures:


beach boy

Kara started walking 1.5 weeks ago and now she's a pro

she's a dancing queen

and in the past month has developed a "LOOK"

This week I had to work 2 half days, and my mother in law was down to help out. It was great having her help, and I was able to get a taste of the working mom world. Well, I don't know how you all do it.  I feel like I have had zero time to myself.  And this was two half days of work. I was teaching an online course and the final was this week.  I do not know how full time working moms find time to work out either.  I gained an appreciation for being at home, but at the same time enjoyed it while I was working.

We're currently in the 4th month of trying to sell our house and I'm going to lose my mind soon. I can't do it anymore. Nothing is perfect and I'm OCD at many things and feel like there's just not enough time in the day to get it all right. I'm starting to want to move so badly that the showings just stress me out big time.

Last week was a recovery week and what happened due to the lack of sleep down the beach was shortened or missed workouts. I skipped my long run last week so I only ran twice.  This week I'm getting back into it but it's the bad week in my cycle so I'm unmotivated and tired.  The coach working with me says with the triathlon and marathon within weeks of each other, he thinks I am trying to do too many things and have too much on my plate. I agree but I guess I don't really even care about the marathon too much, I just want to get the runs in and have a good time.

I have some good recipes to share and new CLIF flavors, have you seen them? As well as a review on some calf compression sleeves.


  1. Absolutely M has naps on hol or it's a v tired cranky boy / parents. I'm horrible at sharing a room with M. He's such a rustler snuffler and I'm a v light sleeper. He's walking too - so cute! The beach looks great as do the pics. I do have zero time to myself now I'm back - up at 7 ish - no am nap, lunch for us both, M goes for nap and I go to work and home at 10! ugh! Hoping I can force myself to spin first thing so better scoot to bed. Sooo hard to Spin and not just play with M straight off and give him breaky.Good luck with selling the house - what a nightmare! Good to have you back!

  2. Eva takes naps better when we are traveling than she does at daycare!

    And as a working mom, the truth is I don't make the time to workout as much as I would like, but its just part of the choices I have made and I do get out there more than a lot of people, so I am satisfied.

    Glad you got to have some time to focus on working though! I know you were longing for it!

  3. It's much easier to get the baby to nap than the toddler when on vacation. Jacob thinks he's done with naps, but I keep putting him in anyway. I need a break and Leah needs the quiet to sleep. It's funny how when you're on vacation it's like you're only on vacation part of the time. The rest of the vacation is spent trying to keep the routine of being at home...the routine you are trying to get a break from!

  4. Great pictures. I would have been just like you with the naps. Last summer when we vacationed in Maine and Seattle and Elena refused to nap in the bed, we had daily car trips with the only goal of getting her to sleep. Overtired toddlers are no fun.

  5. I will never forget a trip with my family to Tweetsie Railroad (b/c Aidan loved, well still loves, trains). He was almost 3 and Samantha was not even walking. My brother (who had no kids at the time) planned the trip. I remember walking into the hotel room - just one room for our whole family with an over-stimulated toddler and cranky baby after being out all day. My husband said right then that we had to go home, even if it meant having to still pay for the room...none of us were getting any sleep in that room. My family was so mad, but we did what we thought was best for us. I agree with your plan for next need to fun for everyone :-)

  6. I hate it when traveling messes up naps. I try to get them for regular naps if we are at a hotel but Ethan gets distracted most the time and it takes him an hour to go to sleep on his own at home anyway! I think naps on vacations are a must esp. They do get too cranky.

    I hear you about needing your own space. Our whole family stayed at a condo last year when we went skiing and it wasn't too bad, but I still like my own space too.

    We're going on 15 months with our house :-( Seems like the time I start making a mess doing a project someone wants to come see it lol. Like today I made a big mess baking cakes for Ethan's party and someone wanted to see it tonight!