My body is a temple

When local standout swimmer Fran Crippen passed away in the open water swim last fall, I remember reading in one of the articles that he turned down chocolate, telling his sister that "my body is a temple" - I don't put chocolate in it. I think about that sometimes when I consider what I am eating. The yoga class I just started going to - the instructor was talking today about getting the impurities out that we might have eaten today - white bread, white sugar, etc etc. Very interesting.  

What do you put in your body?

With the training pretty hard core right now, I kind of want some guidance as to what calories I should be eating, what amount of protein, etc. I feel like I have a blubber stomach despite the training and I'd really like a 6-pack!  I'm not really fitting in any core work - except now the yoga, does that count?  Do you think I can get one if I do that?  I'd love to figure out some daily menus that support the training and would help my body recover quickly and help with being tired. 

This week is a recovery week which kind of means I'm doing what I feel like! I told the coach that I'm working with that I'm tired and he basically took out double workouts except for maybe 2 days. I'm going to the beach this week anyway for the 2nd part of the week and plan to kind of slack off a bit :)
I'll get back into it next week but think a recovery week is in order for week 4! Do you take recovery weeks or recovery days?  Do you feel refreshed after? What do you do during a "recovery week?"


  1. Absolutely take recovery weeks. It is much easier to do the hard weeks knowing an easier week is coming. Remember it is when your body actually improves.
    I can't imagine you actually have a blubber belly, but yes, it takes some flipping work post baby. Yes yoga counts. Pilates is really good to because it is the core muscles that give all us mamma's that roundy tummy if they are not strong/pulled back in. Holding your tummy in is actually v good. sounds so silly but how many times have you realised your belly is sagging when holding the wee ones - it's a nice wee perch for them! It really takes work. I feel like I've worked hard with mine and still don't have the tum i used to have, but have seen another progress recently - it comes in fits and starts.
    Enjoy the beach.

  2. I think recovery weeks are wonderful. Don't feel like you are slacking on any workouts, but just scale each workout that week back a bit and it's amazing how good you will feel going into the next big week!.

  3. I'm not an expert but my understanding is that athletes need proteins and a lot of eat. However that doesn't mean you should eat a burger everyday. Look into getting your protein from meat, fish, legumes (lentil, beans) and grains like quinoa or amaranth.
    My chiropractor told me that root vegetables are great for athletes (beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, etc.)
    You may want to avoid or at least lower refined grains. Try to aim for whole foods (whole wheat) and other grain varieties (buckweheat, millet, spelt).
    I've heard about a tool on livestrong that helps you calculate your calories need, it's adapted to your lifestyle and exercise level.

  4. I've got no real meal recommendations but as for recovery weeks, well they are key for being built into a training cycle. Nothing drastic like taking the week entirely off but a week of less mileage and less intensity will help you start another cycle stronger.

  5. Great post. I am curious to see what people write. I am not training as much as you (don't know how you do it), but with my current exercise regimen and bfing I need a lot of calories too. Yoga is great for core. I count it. Have fun at the beach.