Food as bribery

With Nick at the age that he is (2 1/2) I find myself carrying snacks in my bag everywhere we go, and using it to get him out of places. Today we went to the hardware store like everyone else - and bought a flashlight. Well, I made the mistake of going upstairs where there is a toy store and let Nick play for about 10 minutes at the train table. Then it was time to go and he threw himself on the floor and started screaming. Luckily, only the older woman working was upstairs but EVERYone downstairs - and it was very crowded with this storm coming our way - could hear the little boy making a scene.  I was pulling him out of the store. Fast forward to the afternoon and we were in Babies R Us and he was playing with yet another train table.  What made him leave there without a fight? Some Annie's bunnies in a cup.  I feel like all I have to do is show him a Z bar or the bunnies and he drops what he is doing and follows me.Yikes, do you think that is bad?  What are your favorite snacks for kids on the go?

Ours right now are:

Clif Z bars
Clif Twisted Fruit
Annie's Chocolate or Honey Bunnies
Annie's Cheese Bunnies
Kettle Valley Fruit Leather

I think this is the overall favorite right now:


  1. Oh, I remember those days...and those evil train tables!! For a while, we had an index card with 2 pictures that we would show Aidan before we went ANYWHERE in public. The pics were presented in a first/then format. First car, then treat. If you present it before the activity, IT IS NOT A BRIBE. That was something I had to stress to grandparents. You are simply establishing expectations. But, you do have to going to the car when asked, no treat, no matter how ugly it gets.

  2. I worry about the same thing. I never realized how powerful two m&ms could be until I started potty training!

  3. I don't know. I guess it is a bribe but am not sure if its really that bad. I think it probably depends on the kid and how they perceive it. I like Kristan's suggestion above where she suggests establishing ahead of time the order in which things will occur.