September is around the corner!

The weather this week (up until today) has been awesome! We have been able to have our windows open and the mornings have just been beautiful! On Tuesday I did a bike ride outside and yesterday I did part of my long run outside. It was the first time in a while that I ran outside (without the stroller) for more than a couple of miles. I was doing pretty well for the first 3 miles and keeping my pace in line and then after some hills I kind of faded and couldn't keep my pace under 9 minute miles. I'm supposed to aim for 8:35-8:55 for the beginning of the run then 8:15-8:35 for 20 minutes in the middle and back to the 8:35-8:55.  I only had time to do an hour outside, and then came home, the kids were still asleep, Bill left for work and I finish the last 35 minutes. That has been my long runs so far - only 10 or 11 miles. I'm really NOT looking forward to running any longer than that, so I'm a little nervous of how the rest of marathon training and marathon are even going to go. Luckily my sister is kind of on the same page so maybe we'll just be able to chat for 4 hours and enjoy the course?

The triathlon training is going well. My training got scaled back a couple of weeks ago once I told the coaches that I was feeling pretty tired.  It went from 3 bike rides to 2, 4 runs to 3 and stayed with 3-4 swims. I feel like I should be getting out on the bike twice a week and spin class once since that is my weakness and I might try to do another bike ride this week weather permitting, or hit spin class. I am getting stronger and feel like I'm fine in the pool.  I think my running is suffering even with the cross training so we will see!

Yesterday when I was doing my long run, I was thinking how you could have a free pregnancy test attempting to do a race or keep a set pace on a pretty flat course. That's how I found out I was pregnant with Kara back in November '09 when I was doing a race and felt like I was putting in tons of effort but my pace was super slow! Have you ever tried that?

On Tuesday the kids and I went peach picking. It was so fun, I would do it everyday if the weather was as beautiful!  Now I'm looking for some good peach recipes. I found this one for peach fruit leather and might have to try it!

don't think about touching my peaches!


having a blast



  1. I'm so jealous of your weather. Peach picking is so cool! My plum tree is budding up nicely so Murray will be eating mostly plums soon - ooooh the nappies! LOL!
    Yeah - I was totally the same when fell preggers - I was running so slowly and breathing like a crusty old dino!It was crazy. My running buddies were like - what on earth is up Kaz!
    I def would not attempt to steal Kara's peaches - she means business! Ha ha - so adorable!

  2. Look at me! I'm commenting! Turns out, that by using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, I can comment! Yahoo!

    Oh, and the peach-picking looks so fun!

  3. I found out I was preggers a couple of days after running a 4 miler race on a flat course and couldn't figure out why I felt like I was running so hard but my numbers didn't reflect it.

    Yay for peach picking!

  4. cute pictures! let us know how the fruit leather turns out if you try it.