On the bike

Last weekend I did my longest bike ride to date - 32 miles :)  I can't really even tell that I'm doing extra miles except my crotch is ready to stop, but I find it really enjoyable!

I was using Abby's bike that she doesn't use anymore and one of my swimming friends just upgraded her bike and wanted me to check out hers - we're the same height and just about the same build.  It has the pedals where you need the shoes to ride it, whereas I was using the cages with my running shoes.  My last straw was when my shoe laces got all caught up in the chain.   There is a noticeable difference on the 2nd bike - better fit, smoother ride - and with the shoes.  I feel stronger.

When we started this endeavour - I had a helmet and an old triathlon top and shorts from my sister (whew, lifesaver on that!). Now, I have bike shoes, bikes shorts, and a brand new bike rack on our car.  I know how to change gears,(recall that I had no clue how to do that in my first triathlon!) and I even know how to use the aero bars! I feel like I'm making strides!  I had done about 5 outside rides total (of about 8-10 miles) leading up to my first Olympic triathlon and now I'm outside 2-3 times a week riding 60-70 miles a week.  My next race is the Nation's Triathlon, compliments of my sis on Sept 11. I'm a little freaked out lately that it is on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and in DC. Should I be?? Yikes.
 I'd love to do a half ironman - there's one Oct 2 (4 weeks out from marathon), but decided I don't need to spend $300 to see that I can do that and do it well!  Maybe when I'm back to work?  I can't afford that right now! 

I am really good on the bike in groups and trying to keep up but seem to slack off and don't work hard enough when I ride alone. One thing is for sure - I've definitely improved and have more of a smooth ride!  I really like the bike now! How things have changed :)


  1. I'm glad you're liking the bike! I recently got a road bike and now I have a hard time choosing running over riding. I'm training for a marathon so I get sad that I have to run more than I can ride right now...but I always look forward to my cross training day now and I'm hoping to be able to ride 2-3 times a week after this training session and *maybe* one day be able to do a tri (need to figure out that swimming part first...). Good luck with your biking and triathlons!

  2. I am so proud of your bike progress! I borrowed a friend's road bike and tried the clipless pedals, but could not do it. Just felt trapped to the bike. I might upgrade to a road bike (I have a hybrid now) but need to get back to work before I can think about that! My 2nd sprint tri is later this month. My biggest goal is to improve my bike time. I have a bike computer this time around, so I am hoping that will help me push myself (and know how many miles I have done!)

  3. I am so impressed at your mileage! You are doing awesome, keep it up!!!

  4. I love hearing that you are enjoying the bike. I find that it's hard to work alone sometimes, but it's a great time to do some interval work. Makes the time go faster and you work a little harder! :)

    You have come a long way! :)

  5. WOW you are getting so strong on the bike. maybe even starting to like it?? :)

    I can't wait to get a road or tri bike and REALLY see what this is all about!

  6. My lace has got caught twice in my chain and I'm almost ready to get SPDs but costs are holding me back. Good to know you got OK with them. Great job on the 32 mile ride. I am determined to get out on my 40 miler this week now I seem to have some mojo back. I wish I had more folk to ride with. Thinking about joining a club but have to drive a min of 30 mins just to get to the club. The only thing I find quite hard is finding routes. Fancy a new one this week. I'm hoping I get as addicted as you are getting. I enjoy it, but it's not running. Yeah - bike shorts are a def must. Gloves really help too. Well done again.

  7. Oh no, you got a taste of the upgraded bike! You're going to be craving it all the time now. I'm so impressed by the fall scedule you've laid out.

  8. funny! i feel the same way. when i started everything was so foreign to me, too. congrats on the progress.

  9. My brother has gotten into biking this summer. He rides his bike to work (20 miles one way) and often does long rides on the weekend. He just did a 100 miler a couple weekends ago. I know nothing about bikes but I think doing a DUO one day would be fun!