Falling off the bike

Is there a graceful way to do it?

My first fall was the first time I used my bike shoes. I could not get them off of the pedals and just toppled over in my driveway at the end of my ride. This left me with a jammed pointer finger but I walked away unscathed. 

Today my Sunday ride group decided it was too wet out to meet up to bike, but I wanted to get in some mileage and didn't see myself riding well inside, so I went outside locally. It was a great ride except for my fall and seat moving due to my fall. It was wet on the ground and I had to make a stop quickly and ended up falling over - the tires skidded and were too wet. This fall left me with a bruised and sore knee, bruised arm, elbow and palm :( And my seat moved so that it was pointing the wrong way and not too comfortable. I made it through the ride because I ride around and look at houses, ha! Keeps me entertained. So is there a way to help break your fall when you are on the bike? I've ended up just giving in to the fall and down I go!

Here were my week 4 stats -I took it easier towards the end of the week pacing wise and needed a day off!

Swim 4.7 miles, Bike 61.9 miles, Run 28 miles

Monday run 3 miles, swim 3200 yds
Tuesday easy 3 mile run, bike 13 miles outside
Wednesday long run 9.1 miles
Thursday spin 16 miles, run 3.35 miles
Friday - super long workout day swim 4000 yds, bike 5 miles (inside), run 6.5 miles, swim 1000 yds (FUN!!) Swimming felt very strong. I had the morning to myself and that was how I spent it! :)

Saturday OFF!
Sunday Run 1 mile, bike 27.88 miles and run 2 miles

I missed a day in the pool this week due to timing conflicts for childcare and deciding to take Saturday off.  I love swimming and it has been feeling really good lately. There was definitely one day where I felt like a brick with arms and legs, I think it was on Monday!


  1. Girl you are a machine!!! Seriously look at your workouts!!! My worst fear with using those clips is falling off the bike!

  2. i stuck in my clips one day at an intersection of a main road. fell over into a flower bed. at least the mulch cushioned my fall!

  3. no graceful way. we've all done it. eventually (soon) it becomes second nature and you don't think about it, you just clip out when you need to. i still unclip at intersections where i might have to stop just in case!

  4. ouch, I'm sorry about the fall :-(

    I have a question about increasing my distance. I'm running 3 times a week. 2 runs are 3 or 3.5 miles now and my "long run" is increasing a mile per week. I did 6 miles yesterday and started before the sun came up so I could stay cooler (which is a joke because the temps are already 80 degrees and humidity is high then!). I felt totally wiped out! I remember feeling this way with longer runs when I was training for a half. Is this normal, will my body adjust to it? Should I be doing or eating something in particular afterwards to help this?

  5. I should clarify that I feel wiped out afterwards and all day long.

  6. Ouch! Not sure there is a graceful way to fall off of a bike. I haven't found one at least.

    I look at houses and yards when I run. I like to get ideas of things to do to our house :)