Tired! week 3 of training

This was last week, week 3 of training

Monday: Swim 3350 yds, Run split up 5.76 miles (1/2 in the morning and 1/2 afternoon)
Tuesday: Long run 10 miles
Wednesday: 3900 yds
Thursday: Run @ 7 miles tempo, bike @15 miles with interval training
Friday: Bike 24 miles, run 2.75 miles
Saturday: swim 3500 yards
Sunday: Bike 32 miles, run 3 miles

SWIM 6.1 miles  BIKE 72.8 miles RUN 28.3 miles 

I made the mistake of not taking an off day. It's hard logistically to fit in all the swims and biking so doubling up on another day sometimes isn't realistic. I chose to swim last Saturday morning and should have slept in and taken off. My body is tired this week. I think I stayed up late a couple of nights over the weekend and early in the week and it set me on this schedule of getting up after 5 instead of 4:30ish, and I haven't been able to fit everything in this week. I'm TIRED!  ANd I think most especially, my legs are really tired. Add the workouts to getting the house ready for showings and being on my feet most of the day in that case and my body wants to be in a horizontal position. 

So this week I'm kind of failing on the workouts but taking it as an easier week.  I've been really enjoying the training so I don't want to get burnt out - probably a good idea to lessen the load a bit. I talked to the coach about it and he took out a run. I was only running 4-5 times a week as it was so I'm a little nervous I won't be marathon ready, but I'm more excited about the triathlon.  And I wish I could afford the pocono half ironman but it's not in the cards right now :(

Do you take a day OFF?  Where does it fall in your week? How is your week of workouts structured (easy/long/hard)?


  1. WOW, you are really working it! Look at all those big swims!!

    As you know, I am NEW to the tri training and I am really struggling with how to fit it all in, especially longer bike rides without sacrificing my runs! I have a long run plus two other quality runs each week, which makes it HARD!

  2. great job listening to your body and easing off a is super important

  3. That training is impressive. Seriously, I would do that amount when training for the ironman.

  4. i'm only running 3 days a week through the HIM training but i think i'll switch gears easily to marathon training b/c of all this cross training. it really makes such a difference. and i think if the runs are quality workouts, instead of useless miles, it will help even more!

    i take sunday off, after my biggest workout on saturday. i've never taken rest days before tri training, now i need them. and i hear you, it's hard to fit it all in. 3 doubles a week plus a brick on saturday, i'm exhausted by the time the wknd rolls around!

  5. OMG - you get up at 4.30!!!!!! Can't imagine why you're feeling tired! I'm tired just reading all of that. I stayed out late last night at a girl's night out and am v glad I had a rest day scheduled - it absolutely kills to stay up late.Well done listening to your body.

  6. Those do look like some long training workouts... are you doing an Oly? Those swims are quite long! Nice work, but scaling it back a bit probably wouldn't hurt either. When I was training, I would try to take ONE complete rest day ... no running, biking, swimming, lifting, yoga, pilates... nothing! My body thanked me.


    I take more days off than I should ;)

  8. I love seeing weeks like this! :)

    I take one day off a week. It's usually Monday, after a long workout weekend, but also because I'm usually swamped with work and do my grocery shopping that day. Sometimes I'll swim Mondays and take Friday off.

  9. Wow, I don't know how you do it. That is amazing. Yes, I take days off. Before kids I only took one,but now it's 2. I need the rest and my little guy is still waking up a lot at night.

  10. I'm lucky enough that my half marathon training only requires 3 days of running. I try to fit in some cross training but I'm not too pushy on that so it leaves me with enough rest days not to be burned out.

  11. I don't know how you do it Kara. Seriously, no idea.

    I wouldn't worry about the runnning days. Your wide base of training will give you the endurance you need. You'll be fine, and I'd be very surprised if it's not a PR marathon for you (no pressure or anything, just outsider observation :)

  12. Looks like training is going great!

    When I'm training for adventure racing (which isn't dissimilar to tri-ing in terms of training), I tend to run about 3 days a week as well, and it works out okay. I'm enjoying doing more now with marathon training, but I still won't go beyond 4 or 5 since I've got a 30-hour this fall to get ready for as well. And rest days? I love 'em!