33 weeks - happy new year!

I started off the new year mad at the treadmill. It went from BFF to dreadmill slowly. Seeing the numbers in front of me pressures me too much and it put me in a downer mood.

Today I had a fantastic outside run with Abby though and I am still savoring the feeling of running outside with another person at a decent pace! It felt nice and normal and reminded me of the summer days when I was much smaller and running was a bit more comfortable! It was too easy. It felt so nice out and fun to catch up with Abby - it had been since the summer, when we were doing some long runs in preparation for her IM(IW)! She is recovering from an injury so lucky me I am not holding her back too much from a more normal pace, but soon she'll be off doing speedy runs (hopefully right around the time I am ready to start racking up faster miles again!) Right towards the end of the run (5 miles) I started to get a side stitch, otherwise I felt like I would have liked to keep running for hours and hours on end. The first mile I did feel like I was running in a race (huff/puff) but then I was able to settle into a pace. It felt so good!!! It makes such a difference having someone to run with, I can't say enough about it.

Today marks 33 weeks.
7 to go, but hoping for 4 I think? Trying not to be anxious.
I feel like overall I've been having a pretty easy pregnancy. I hope I can run up until it is time but we'll see!

This past week (33):
  • Sleeping isn't the most comfortable
  • I haven't had any indigestion anymore for the past couple of weeks!
  • More pressure on my bladder for sure!
  • Holding on to an innie belly button. Please stay in there!!
  • More shifting, less kicking on the inside
  • Running is still the same!
  • Definitely anxiety about the whole birth thing/bodily changes for a while
  • I can't help but to keep logging my miles
  • I counted what I was eating for about 1 day and from then on, have just been more mindful (minus every holiday outing)

It is back to work on Monday. I hankered down for a bit and got some work done this afternoon. It is kind of a nice benchmark to know that I'll have off in a couple more weeks and be able to start preparing for Boston and won't go back to work until after I've finished Boston, and then I'll only have about 6-7 weeks left of the schoolyear to finish out. It is weird to think how much our lives are going to change in such a short amount of time though. I guess what most people say is that you don't know what to expect or how it is going to be, so it is a little scary - and exciting too!

Savor the weekend !


  1. If you have to run on the dreadmill, cover the screen up with a towel and try to not look. If you have to look make sure you wait a good amount of time in between each look. It goes by faster i promise.

    GOod job with all the running and exercising. I cant believe its almost february. It feels like just yesterday you announced your pregnancy! How exciting!

  2. It'll be better than you can even imagine when you have your baby on the outside! :)

  3. yep, your lives certainly are about to change, but i remember getting to a point after #1 arrived and things settled down where i realized that the important stuff is all still there, it's just the "noise" that disappears.

    you crack me up with the belly button thing -- but really, i was a bit crushed to lose my "perfect" innie too, oh well ;)

  4. Glad to hear the run did the trick - I felt great all day, too!!

    Hope everything goes well at the doc this week... can't wait to hear about the Disney weekend on our next run :)

  5. To answer your question you asked the other day in a comment, to qualify for the NYC Marathon, you have to run 9 races AND volunteer at 1 race. They used to just require the 9 races, but recently added on the volunteering requirement.

    I hate running on the treadmill too lately. For some reason I was able to do it this summer, but now I hate it. When I have to, I find it easier to pass time by: covering the time with a towel; and raising and lowering the include every minute or so to simulate hills. Takes your mind off the time.

  6. Sounds great. Yay for your great run with Abby.

  7. Aww your baby bump is super cute!

  8. Maybe running with your friend will help you and keep your mind off things and then you can get in some longer runs!

    I have anxiety about the whole birth thing too and I am not even pregnant! hehe. I am sure it will all work out just wonderfully!

  9. You know, if I was sure I'd look like that, I'd consider having kids. You look so good!! And I still can't believe how much you're running. You're baby is going to pop out running!!

  10. Your life will be turned upside down but in the best possible way. And when I was in your shoes I was also hoping for 4 weeks but ended up with 9 weeks so be patient.

  11. love the pics :) you are so cute!!!

    great job with the runs! baby will be here soon :)

  12. Cute pictures. The baby is going to be here before you know and there will be so much more love in your life.

    Very cool that you won't have to get back to work until after Boston. Glad the running is going well.

  13. Maybe that's a runner thing always trying to do things faster?? Run faster, have babies faster? :) Abby is great, how fun that you are in the same area!

  14. there's a real baby in there! so weird...and so cool when it's here! that's awesome that you'll be off the whole time before boston. i have to go back mid-feb or march 2, not sure yet. but i DON'T have to go in monday!!

  15. Yay for running buddies!

  16. I like how I get comments in the comments section of your blog :)

  17. I still think that you look really tiny for 33 weeks! My belly button never went to an outie, so hopefully yours keeps pointing in!

  18. I can't believe how close it's getting!!! It's going to be weird for me to read your blog and you not be preggo! Haha.

    You are one tough cookie. I'm sure you'll kick childbirth's butt. Ha, if that's possible.

  19. You look great! Hopefully you little nugget will come early, but if not enjoy this special time!

  20. Aw, look at your little belly! You look awesome. 4 weeks or 9, it's going to be gone in a flash!

  21. I have learned to embrace the treadmill.

    (aren't you always running outside with another person?)


  22. Ugh I hate the treadmill! Cute shirt in the second picture!