36 weeks


Alright! A few weeks to go let's hope! Kind of weird to think that anytime we could have a baby in the world with us! So I'm going to try to enjoy the time with just 2 of us and the sleep!

The baby is head down so thank you for the well wishes! The weight was estimated to be 5 lb 10 oz which I hope is good so far, it is the 45th percentile. Small is good for me. It is time for weekly appointments now which is kind of exciting, and I wasn't dilated yet but maybe that happens quickly and doesn't matter. Let's see - I think if I had to choose the time, it would be one first 2 weekends in Feb. What do you think? Leave a guess for date, sex and weight if ya want!

Last weekend, my friend Michelle came over and brought a traveling shower with her. She brought me all these gifts like a mini shower. (I didn't want a shower). Also at work this week we had a low key luncheon shower with all the women math teachers which was cute.

Running this week - still at it. Yesterday I had a long day: midterms (one of them was giving technical difficulties), grading, dr appt, then ran 6 miles on the TM, and after that I thought I was going to collapse for sure. It took alot out of me! I meant to take off on Wednesday but ended up going to the gym with Bill (can't resist going to the gym with a partner!) and running slowly. Today I swam and I promised I wouldn't run today, my legs need some rest. I'm going to try to do a longer run tomorrow but we'll see!

Kara Goucher wants to have a baby!!! Sweet - it will be great to read about her pregnancy and running!!! This is after we run together in Boston of course.

So... 36 weeks
  • Getting more tired after a long day!
  • I could cry at something really stupid on T.V.
  • I have to go to the bathroom almost every time I stand up! and at least 3 times a night.
  • It is fun to feel the baby kick, and now I know exactly what is where which is cool.

So leave a guess!

** I'm still deciding on the doula!! Agh! I met with 2 this week and I just don't know if it is worth the hefty amount of money they charge!

35 weeks
Monday: Run/Walk 3.83 miles (45min) + yoga 30 min
Tuesday: Run 3 miles (42min)and kickbox 30 min
Wednesday: Swim 2550 yards (54 min), 4 miles (47:00)
Thursday: Run 6 miles(1:03:14)
Friday: Swim 2550 yards (50 min) and walk 10 min
Saturday: Run 11.26 miles (2:10)
Sun: 2.66 miles (31:55) outside, 25 out! with Bill :)

Total this week running: 30.8 miles / 5:59:09 (11:40 min mile)


  1. I hope you have a baby girl on my birthday, Feb 18! :)

    You look great, by the way!

  2. i vote for a girl! they're so fun!

  3. I can't vote but I know either way they will be a runner!!

    Still look great, too. Take it easy, though...you never stop!

  4. Today was SO nice!! Killed me to be indoors all day. I almost went for a run tonight but since I have a long run tomorrow morning I decided not to. We're running at Valley Green (Wissahickon Creek).

  5. Here's my guess:

    baby boy
    February 7th (pm)
    6lbs 9oz

  6. Once yo have showers you know it is almost time!!! Hang in there and just enjoy the last few weeks.

  7. wow...i'm not pregnant and i think I go to the bathroom more than you.

    so close...yes indeed enjoy the sleep now is what I hear from everyone with youngsters

  8. I think Feb 14th would be cool, but then again, would you and your hubs feel guilty if you want alone time on V day/baby b-day. Have a great weekend ND!

  9. I know it's late but I'm voting for my birthday - Feb. 27th. You are still so tiny!

  10. Boy, February 21st, 7lb.6oz.

  11. Hey N.D. Final stretch ahead! You're looking great and still running - must feel good but I know what you mean about feeling wiped out too. You asked about relaxing...Have you tried nose breathing? In through your nose, out through your mouth. If you haven't, try it while walking or stretching and, perhaps while running. I think it takes some practice but I found nose breathing to be calming - better than gasping through labor, gives you something to focus on. Another thing I did while preparing was talk with my husband about things I wanted, what I was worried about, how he could (specifically) help me. We both read birth books - he read portions that I bookmarked. We didn't take a birth class but we did visit a midwife while we were in the States during the summer. I'm guessing you're way ahead in that department. One book I loved was "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth." It's a little hippy, gives great information, and includes a range of birth stories. I also talked with a number of women about their experiences - find out what went well and what they'd do differently. And remember: you get a baby at the end. That's the best part anyway.

    My guess: I love the number 23 so I'll say 23 February. Boy. 7lb. 10oz.

  12. Glad to hear everything is well with the baby!

    I'm a fan of #12 so i'm guessing a girl, Feb 12th 6lbs 8oz :)

  13. You ran 11 miles yesterday! Awesome - how did it feel? I got in a little more than 10 on Friday, which turned out to be a good thing because I've been sick the rest of the weekend!

    Should we attempt a short one sometime this week? Maybe out by school?

  14. I say boy fo sho.
    Feb 13th, 2009
    6lb 4oz.

    YAY! Can't wait for baby!

  15. You still great!! That is so cool that kara wants to have a baby!! I love her! Your workouts look great! You are still going strong with them!

  16. You look awesome for 36 weeks! Wishing you lots of luck through the last few!