Good attitude Monday

Back to work for everyone. I was surprised I wasn't more depressed yesterday having to go back after a long break - but I think it was time! I think that I needed to get back into the routine and stop eating junk food and sitting around. It was a good day and good to be back! I am thankful for a job that I enjoy doing! I am writing this down so that I can come back to it on a day that I feel otherwise.

This school year I switched rooms and now I am around people who work less and do the bare minimum. Upon seeing this, I have been super bitchy all year long and kind of feel bad about it. I guess I just know how hard I and other people work to do our best and it angers me that other people don't put in the same effort.
Why am I surrounded by friggin idiots??

Anyway, I think I come off as very bitchy and snobby, so this week I am working on being more social and nice to people that I work with. I usually just want to get my stuff done and am very focused but I think it is good to have some down time and be friendly. Goal for the week.

I have to say thank you very much for all of your advice regarding the doula situation. Within hours, I had links, emails and personal stories as resources and I feel like I will be more informed about making that decision!

HBBC - I think I will be in denial in a few days when I need to work out longer and won't be getting any points for it! Thanks to Amanda for keeping motivation high throughout the difficult season! She did a great job securing prizes and motivating tons of people! I ended with 182 points and worked out every day of the challenge. There was some bogusness with someone posting 500 + points which I don't buy for a minute(sorry!). I think it was a typo. Yesterday I did so many squats and lunges to try to rack up more points that my quads are super sore today and will probably be *killing* me tomorrow!

Week 32 recap:
29-Dec ellip(30), yoga(1hr), lift(30)
30-Dec 3.27 miles(37:55),3200 yards swimming
31-Dec 7 miles
1-Jan 5 miles + 30 min yoga
2-Jan 6 miles, 30 elliptical, 15 lift
3-Jan 3 miles, 30 min on bike
4-Jan 6 miles + 45 min strength

miles 30.2 time 5:34:22, average pace 11:05mm

Goal for week - be nice at work. Thankful for today - job that I like


  1. I read December 30 wrong and thought it said you'd done 3.27 miles of swimming in 37:55. You would have broken a world record!

    I like your note on being thankful for your job. I'm really looking forward to being done with school, but I know that I've been working toward all this so that I will be able to say exactly the same thing.

  2. Good post, Slice. Nicely done and said.

  3. I was a teacher for 5 years and understand your frustration. Good luck with the being nice. ;)

  4. I am sure it was tough to go back, but soon you will be on a leave right :)

    Happy New Year, best wishes for a strong and most importantly healthy new year!

  5. The image is cracking me up. And seriously it is beyond frustrating to be working your butt off and have slackers around.. normally I'm the crazy work horse, but lately I don't have enough work..so here I sit reading blogs...it's weird... I want work.

  6. Getting back to work today was an oddly good feeling for me too. Finally some makeup and heels again. I felt like an adult instead of a slacky college student.

  7. I love the ladies I work with. We have a tiny staff and everyone takes care of everyone. The pople in my wing are work-a-holics like me. Sometimes I wish they weren't because then maybe I'd leave at a decent time. Probably not. It's a goal of mine to start leaving at 4:00 rather than 5:30. Also, if you don't eat meat or veggies at dinner what do you eat?

  8. Cute goal for the week. I come across the same way, too. I always feel bad but I can't help how I am when I'm focused and busy.

    As for the 500 pts, I heard that too and can not believe it. I worked out like crazy and didn't miss a day and I wasn't any where near 500!

  9. You did great on the challenge- I think you should be able to multiply your points by 2 or 3 since you are working out for two. :P

    Good luck with your goal of being nice/social at work! It is important to have a good relationship with those people since you spend so much time with them. Good for you being the worker bee though. :)

  10. You amaze me with all your workouts! Great job. You shouldn't have much of a problem getting back after the baby.

  11. As much as I wasn't looking forward to getting back to work, I was excited to see the kids today. So true, to be thankful for a job that we like.

  12. I find it hard to be nice around people who aren't as motivated as me! Keep your head up and stay positive!

  13. Maybe they should have goals to stop being friggin idiots. LOL.

    See? I am no help at all. I just have a problem with people like that.

    Great job on the workout front.

  14. Feeling you on being focused and just wanna get the work done!

  15. I'll be heading back to school next week after a looong maternity leave. Some days I'm happier than others about returning to teach. At the very least, routine will be nice. Once it's established, that is. Happy back to school and good luck with coworkers!

  16. i totally agree with you on the routine thing.

    i was trying so hard to have a good attitude at work yesterday and then we were told we might have to work this weekend... good attitude out the window :(