Broccoli Pancakes and Nick drinking milk

Over the weekend we were at the shore and I needed more veggies for Nick. We went to the store and I picked up Dr. Praeger's Broccoli Pancakes.  They make such good tasting stuff! Nick loved them.
Today I strived to make something close using the ingredient list on the box: Broccoli, Potatoes, Onions, Egg Whites, Oat Bran, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Arrowroot, Salt, Garlic, Pepper, All Natural Vegetable Gum.

My recipe was:

BROCCOLI PANCAKES - makes a dozen to dozen and a half
1 bunch broccoli, steamed and pureed
some leftover sauteed spinach - one handful
1 potato, baked
1/2 onion, chopped
2 egg whites
approximately 1/2 to 3/4 cup oat bran + wheat germ

I tried baking the first batch in the oven - blah. So I used oil and fried them up on a skillet. They turned out great!  Nick liked the one from the oven, but I would not eat that, the skillet ones he will love!  I want to try using more spinach and also try spinach by itself. Love Dr. Praegers - but these will be my homemade cheaper version.

Nick is not drinking enough fluids during the day and I don't know how to get him to drink more. We made the switch to the sippy after a month of the cup pictured that was basically a bottle. Now he'll drink from the sippy cup but just sips here and there. Yesterday maybe I got him to drink 12 oz, today maybe 7?  I feel like I spend so much time trying to get him to drink milk that I don't offer him any other fluids. He really isn't into water anymore, and he'll drink diluted juice - but just sip that too.  Nick will eat yogurt - loves it, cheese is so/so.

First, I was trying to be creative and make his oatmeal using milk - he didn't finish it. I tried making a fruit smoothie w/ milk - that was a total mess and he hasn't figured out sipping from the straw yet.  I try to use milk in anything I am making that requires liquids so that he's getting it and that helps sometimes.  I was reading some blogs online that said add a little strawberry milk, chocolate milk, yogurt to the milk and see if he drinks that.  He needs fluids of some sort even if it isn't milk and I give him more yogurt, cheese, and other sources of calcium. Anyone have any tips either for more milk or more fluids?

Thinkbaby Trainer Cup, Orange, 9 Ounce
Thinkbaby Baby Bottle to Sippy Cup Conversion/Replacement Kit, Orange, 9 Months


  1. Are your sippies the ones with valves? Baker had trouble with those when we first started sippies, so we backtracked to ones without valves. That went mUCH better and now he "gets" that he needed to suck harder. Straws and valves are no problem now. I think some of the sippy thing is just a learning curve after using a bottle that is so easy to drink. As long as Nick has wet diapers and he's getting calcium elsewhere, I wouldn't sweat the milk thing. Some kids just don't like milk (my nieces haven't had it since they stopped being breastfed at a year old and they are 5 and 8 now).

  2. We went through a few sippy cups for Elena to find a kind that she really liked (the kind with a soft spout kind of like a bottle). Elena used to drink milk out of bottle, but we cut out bottles about 6 months ago. she doesn't really drink milk out of her cup now, so I feed her whole milk yogurt. She just drinks dilute juice all day.

  3. Love finding new mommy/running blogs! Looks like your eating habits are better than mine - I could probably learn a thing or two (or twenty) from you. :)

  4. I think all babies love ice. When I can remember I'll crush a bowl of ice for ethan and he will eat the whole thing. It's one way to get more water down for sure.

  5. Like someone else said, I think it's just a learning curve. Zach didn't drink much water or milk from his sippy and then suddenly he just got it and now he sucks that stuff down and I hear "more - more - more"

  6. while it's not a liquid/fluid, you could add powder milk to things. i used to do that and you can't tell it's there.

  7. I've missed you & your blog while i was gone! I promise to be back to commenting soon! :) Hope all is well! I need a belly pic & one of Nick- its been too long :)

  8. I cut the tip off the sippy thing on one of my son's sippy cups, to widen the opening. That made it work well for smoothies. I would make them in the morning and add a little water to his and he'd suck them down.

  9. I found a Disney Princess water bottle that my daughter loved, and she kept it with her all day, taking little sips of whatever I put in it. If he's interested in any characters or has a certain color he's attracted to, maybe a new cup would help?

  10. ! Looks like your eating habits are better than mine - I could probably learn a thing or two (or twenty) from you. :)
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