I need structure

Thanks so much for all of the comments  - I took many of them and came up with a plan. I decided I need structure.  What is difficult for me right now is the lack of structure because Kara isn't on a schedule yet. I feel like it has been forever (2.5 months) and I'm ready for structure. She goes to bed between 8 and 9 and gets up between 4:30 and 5:30. Most of the time it is close to 5, and masters swimming starts at 5:30 3 days a week so I get sabotaged. Sometimes she's up at 3am - then I am too tired to get up and workout.  We have free daycare at the gym, but last time they came to get me after 10 minutes since Nick wouldn't calm down.  That was last week and I know I have to bring him again and hope it was a bad day, but it is so tough taking him back - he cries every time we start approaching the door to the Y. It's awful! So - I live on structure, which is good and can be bad and right now I don't have structure, but hopefully soon I will. If I can't get in the morning workout, my day isn't as good as if I can!

Here is my plan:
Monday: Yoga/Pilates/Strength or Bike  - morning or use gym daycare
Tuesday: Run - morning
Wednesday: Swim/Strength or track workout and swim on Monday - morning or night track
Thursday: Run - morning
Friday: Swim/Strength - morning
Saturday: Long Run with group
Sunday:Yoga/Pilates/Strength or Bike - class at gym  off (good idea Kaz)
Something to that effect.  I'm going to join the running club - they have long runs on Saturdays and track work on Wednesdays which I will find a way to make because that sounds great! At least once a month I can do some speedwork! As far as diet:

Try not to eat mindlessly - don't wait till I'm starving to eat - be more mindful basically.

Yesterday was pancake Sunday - and I tried The Non Dairy Queen's waffle recipe.
This used peanut flour and I added a little more water since I made pancakes instead of waffles. Now I do want a waffle maker.  I'll get one of them soon!  The topping was coconut oil and amazing grass chocolate powder  - that combo is really delicious!

So far this week - Monday - my dad has one of those bikes w/ computer where you can see the course. I did a whopping 6 miles, it took me 30 minutes. I also did a Jillian kettleball workout on demand - that was great to change it up!! Today (tues) I got in a run in the morning - Kara slept till past 7! woohoo!


  1. That says structure all over it!! :-)

  2. Yeah I'm a bit of a structure queen too and it is hard being flexible but good too.

    Not to be a downer but I don't see any rest days (just 1 would suffice) in there - we physiologically need rest days to improve as it is when our muscles grow and physiological systems adapt. They are also a great Psychological boost as there is one day when you're not thinking when can I squeeze in my workout and thus prevent burnout.

    Track and long runs with club look good. I hope you enjoy them. I totally don't blame you for finding it hard to put Nick back in day care - it's so different when your own wee one cries!

    Glad you're feeling a little less blue!


  3. i need structure, too. i fall apart without it.

    which club are you joining?

  4. I was also curious what running club you are going to join. I like structure too, but sometimes it is so darn hard with little kids. And I am sorry to hear that Nick isn't a big fan of the childcare at your gym. Hopefully that changes soon.

  5. I need structure in my life too, and I can see how hard it is to follow a schedule you would like with two little ones. It will get better, I am sure of it! Nice job on your Monday and Tuesday workout!

  6. You are very welcome - so glad I'm not being a total busy body! NOW that's a plan! Kaz.

  7. I hear you on needing structure. Of course, I have no idea what it is like with the kidlets, I do need to have my routine or things just will not get done. Hope you can make this work!

  8. Hey - want to come and plan my week? I could use a kick in the bum! :) This looks like a doable, flexible plan, and it will be fun to do the group thing to mix it up a bit.

  9. I can't get through a week without structure, whether it's external or self-imposed. I'm sure that'll make a HUGE difference.

    I think I missed the post about the running group - which one are you joining?

  10. I'm right with you on the structure and schedule thing. It will get better! Things will settle down soon, and you'll naturally work into a routine.
    Good idea with the running group! That sounds fun!

  11. Congrats on getting the run in and the littlest one sleeping later! That must have felt so good! Your pancakes look delicious! Definitely get a waffle maker...these are soooo good as a waffle!