what's for breakfast?

 Here's my baby girl - doing decently with her sleeping. She has been making about 7 hour stretches.  I have her on a schedule of morning feed then get back onto a 10-1-4-7 and last feed of the night. If I feed her around 10, she can make it till around 5, or at 9 till around 4 or 4:30. It works out nicely if I feed her at 9 the nights before swimming, because then she's up around 4:30 and I can go to swimming! With Nick, I feel like it took me at least 4 months to make it back to practice so this has been nice for now. Hopefully soon she'll sleep from 9 to 7 and skip that 4:30 feeding! She's been smiling a while now, but I'd still say she's a pretty fussy baby.

In the morning when she is up and Nick is still asleep, I try to get a few things done. I've tried some recipes this week. This is adapted from the Clean Eating Cookbook:

1 c flaxseeds, ground
1 c oat bran
2 c whole wheat flour
1/2 c wheat germ
1 T baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking soda
1 c applesauce
1.5 c almond or coconut milk
1/4 c water+ 1 T chia (let sit 5 min)
1 c dried cranberries/blueberries

Make chia egg (water + chia). Mix all flours together. Mix all wet ingredients. Add wet to dry just till mixed, do not overmix.  Bake in mini cups for about 15 minutes or regular cupcake molds for 20 minutes. Makes 24-36 mini muffins.
I also took TJ's pancake mix and added in some good things to it - I skipped the egg, used 1 c. almond or coconut milk w/ 2 c mix and 1 T flax or chia seed + 1/4 c water (let that sit to make the "egg") then added in coconut, blueberries and peanut butter. Yum!!


Another thing I've tried lately - love it when I find things I have in my pantry that I haven't used in a while and find a way to use them - Hemp Fudge?
2 T. TJs hemp protein w/1 T water and 1 tsp agave. This was delicious along w/ some coconut & oat bran (which was too dry, not enough water). Thanks for the inspiration Heather!

Running has been nice this week! I ran easy on Monday and Tuesday, yesterday I got in some speed intervals at the gym with the kids in the daycare there (wooo!)  I'm going to try to get in another 10 this weekend in preparation for the race next weekend! I was able to swim 2 mornings w/ the team so this week has been great. Now I have to find some time for abs and lifting to keep the strength work up.


  1. Look at her! She's getting big already. *sigh*

    Glad your workouts are going good. I can't wait to hear about your race next weekend!!

    I was finally able to run 3 miles last Saturday, but when I woke up the next morning my foot hurt really bad in a strange spot. Just one spot on the outside. I've never had trouble there before. It has hurt pretty bad and Tylenol hasn't seemed to help. I think it's getting better over the last two days though. I was starting to get worried. I'm going to try to run today or tomorrow. I hate the thought of going a week without running, but it hurt so bad I knew it needed time to heal. HOPEFULLY it was a one time issue and it's not recurring. My shoes are good and everything. The only thing I can think of is my muscles may be loosening from the pregnancy.

  2. Ok--you are way to productive for a new mom! I can't do all that and both my kids are in school! She is just adorable. Keep the pics coming.

  3. Kara is so cute - what an alert, sweet girl!

  4. Your little one is so cute! The sleep/eating schedule is always the hardest to get down. Glad you liked the hemp fudge. It's chocolate that makes you feel good after you eat it!

  5. Oops, the Tony Shasteen was me...I didn't know I was signed in under my husbands account.

  6. You are doing amazing! With the blance of it all - you're rockin' it girlie!

    Man is she getting cuter and cuter! Good luck with the miles this weekend!

  7. your baby girl is so precious!