CSN stores and moving out of the crib

Most of you have seen the CSN giveaways around the blog world and heard of CSN stores.  They have over 200 stores and almost every product you could think of, including nightstands, cribs, toddler beds, bureaus and tons of kitchen tools. Can you tell I've started thinking about furniture for my little ones? I am excited to pick out a bedding theme for when Nick moves into a bed.  There are tons of products to choose from at CSN, I'm not sure what I will pick out but I'll be sure to let you know what I find!

I think we are going to go from a crib to regular bed when Nick is between 2 and 3. We have 2 cribs right now! He was too little (17 months) for us to switch him out of the crib (I thought!) When did you switch your little one out of the crib to a bed? Did you do the toddler bed? Was it necessary since you needed the crib again or was it just time? How did you know? Right now Nick has a pooh theme in his room, and this below is cute, but I might move on to airplanes or trucks or something cute like that. For boys, what do you have?

I've had my eye on this one from PBK - maybe a grandparent gift!


  1. Cute!

    I still live with my parents, so I want to move out of my crib, too!

  2. Aaron was about 18 months when we moved him from his crib to a toddler bed. I decided to move him because he was sleeping on a mat at school and had started screaming when we put him in his crib at night. We all slept much better after the change! His nursery was decorated in Suzy's Zoo and his "toddler room" was Mickey Mouse.
    Then at about 20 months we changed his toddler bed to a twin size bed and he stayed in that until he moved rooms so baby sister could have his old room. With the switch to the new room (at age 3) I changed the decorations to a sports theme. This way he can grow with it!

  3. Moana is still in her crib (she turns 2 next week) and I'm SO glad... she's got a ton of brain development or something going on right now so she's awake at night talking to herself and reliving her whole day. I think we would be having major battles right now if she had the freedom to get out of bed whenever she wanted! I'm going to keep her in that crib for another 6 months if I can. :)

  4. I was contacted by CSN stores too! What did you get??

  5. We moved my son out of his crib just before he turned two. He was suddenly having an AWEFUL time at bedtime, some nights taking up to 1 1/2 hrs to fall asleep. We thought the change would be a good one and we were right. He did GREAT! We completely re-did our spare room in a Toy Story theme, saving the nursery for a (hopefully!) second baby. He loves his new "Woody Room!"

    I like the pooh set that you listed - not too baby-ish at all. Having him help you pick it out might help him getting excited to sleep in it (at least that worked for us). Good luck! :)

  6. We just went through this transition....I blogged about it here http://howboutthemapples.blogspot.com/2010/09/another-day-another-change.html
    I'm not really a "theme" person, so we just have plain colors or some ABC ones to throw on there. I think trucks or planes would be cool!
    Good luck to you - I dreaded this whole big boy bed thing, but it ended up being not a big deal - he goes to bed great! (naps suck though - ha)

  7. I love the bottom set it is super cute. LauraElaine has a great idea though maybe he could help you decide and then he would really love it!