Track workout

Tonight I went to my first track workout with the running group that I joined earlier this month. It was awesome! First I wasn't sure what to eat from lunch on to make sure my stomach was ok - it was kind of unsettled so I'll have to figure something out. I got there just as they were starting. I had a mini warmup jogging to the track - 2 minutes maybe? but whoa, not enough for just getting back into speed training.

It was set up in groups by 5K time. I went in the group 2 which was 22-24 minutes I think. I know Group 1 was under 22 so I just went with the next group. My 5K is a low 23.  There are people in charge of each group, starting us and timing us. It was very cool! The workout was a pyramid:

1 x 800 with 400 recovery - I did this first one in 3:40 with the group
2 x 1000 with 200 recoveries - just under 5 minutes
1 x 1600 with 400 recovery - around 8 min mile
2 x 1000 with 200 rec. - just over 5 minutes - started to fade
1 x 800 with 400 rec. - 3:47

5.75 miles. Then I ran another mile to cool down. 

It was not bad for my first time, I was pleased!  What made me chuckle was that the people I was running with were chatting and having a conversation. Meanwhile, a few others and I were struggling to even breathe! It was a great workout and I hope to go back next week. I just need to find a babysitter! I met a few people, but the people in my group seemed kind of hard core.  I didn't introduce myself to them - I'm kind of shy in new crowds, but my friend Bill who I used to work with introduced me to a few people. Thanks Bill!

We'll see if I can get out of bed tomorrow.

I have a confession to make - I hate leaving my kids and missing bedtime and/or Saturday mornings. I was totally lingering before I left today which made me late.  It is hard for me to get out, but I know it's good!


  1. Glad you found a track group to workout with. I enjoy it because I am more consistent with doing speedwork now. Somehow suffering in a group is so much easier! Keep it up!

  2. nice track workout lady!!! way to get in a sweet run!

  3. YAY!!! I love love love the track. It's hard work but it really does pay off. Good for you!

  4. You are sooo going to improve. I LOVE my club and we do do speedwork, but we are only a small club and can't afford a coach, but I would LOVE that. I know what you mean about your tummy though for evening running - I really struggle with that.

    It IS soooo good for you to get out, but I know what you mean about missing the wee nippers - hence the dreading going back to work - missing 3 bed times - yuk.

    Well done - remember, getting adult time makes you a happier, better mum.

    Hope you're not too sore.

  5. That sounds like an awesome workout! I am a little iffy about running with groups too but it sounds like you get a better workout...or a hard workout.

    I am totally with you about missing bedtime and Saturday mornings! I try to schedule around them at all costs...I'm sure my hubby can do just fine but I just hate missing the time!

  6. Excellent! You'll love having something like that to go to. My trainer wants me to join her group for the winter, but I am kind of nervous about it :) They're al really fast! Have you tried looking at some of the local colleges for a sitter? My boss does that with success. Sounds like training is coming together - yeah!

  7. nice job jumping right back into it!!! sounds like a fun workout!

  8. Nice work girlie! I'm very impressed with your first track workout back! Keep it up!
    I know it's not the same, but I hate to leave my pooch for long periods to get my runs in! I'm sure I'll be a wreck when I have kiddos, too! Hahaha!

  9. The track can be so much fun and painful at the same time. I am glad that you got to go and run with your new running group.