Unscheduled long run

This week, I've been affected by the death of the swimmer from our area.  I keep reading about it and thinking about it and wondering how it could have happened. It is such a tragedy.  It sounds like there were not enough people out watching the swimmers and like runners in hot temperatures, he must have passed out and just drowned. An Olympic hopeful. I hope there are penalties and fines and they can never hold an event there again. A buffoon on the staff made a statement that you might have seen that was "We're sorry that the guy died, but he overexerted himself." I wish I could body slam that guy to the ground. That's just terrible - imagine how his family feels.  I also hope there is research done and new rules for temperatures for all sports - it is not worth it.

I've been hugging my kids closer this week and really enjoying them. This morning, Bill had to get up at 5am for work, so I got up too. I am a morning person and love getting up early when I have enough sleep - I feel like I can get so much done before the kids are up!  I got on the treadmill with the goal to do 7 miles, then just kept running until I had to get Kara. I got in 12 miles and that was my goal for my long run this weekend so I'm done with that!  I'm excited because I'm just not as motivated to run on Saturday mornings and miss family time. This past Saturday was great because my sister was in town and she worked around my schedule and we went on a new trail right near my house. Minimal time away from the family and quality time with my sister!  I'm seriously still recovering from the track workout and will go again next week but am skipping this week!

A few recipes to share:
First I picked up this book at the library: 

 I've tried a couple of things in the book but this one is totally worth sharing. Nick and I had it for lunch today - I've been out of ideas for lunch and I feel like he has a peanut butter sandwich everyday.  I happened to have all the ingredients except avocado so I left that out.

Sneaky Dad's Pudding from Raising Vegetarian Children
1.5 cups frozen strawberries
1 banana, broken into pieces
1 to 2 tsp cocoa powder (I used a scoop of Amazing Grass chocolate super food)
2 tsp flaxseed oil (I used ground flax)
3 - 5 T. cashew/almond butter (I used 3)
2-3 T orange juice (I think I used 3)
2 T milk of choice (used almond)
1/8 to 1/4 avocado (didn't have - omitted)

For Nick's, I didn't add in the chocolate powder because he likes the fruit taste better than chocolate (not sure what his problem is, haha). He started with a spoon (and me feeding him because it would have been a mess) and finished with a straw. He's a picky eater right now and it was good to get in the fruit and good fats.  I would attempt to add in some spinach next time.

For Breakfast, I saw this post about smooshy balls. I didn't know what Nick was having for breakfast so this is what I made. It's probably more of a dessert but he had it with grapes and milk, so that's the way it goes today. I guess he's kind of had 2 desserts for his meals today. Oops.

1 c peanut butter (used an almond/peanut combo)
1/2 c dry milk powder 
1/4 c maple syrup (recipe called for honey but maple syrup + peanut butter is divine)

Just mix it all together, roll it out and roll it in anything you want. 
I rolled it in wheat germ, ground chia and flax.

Next up I have a mom question on feeding and have to try the recipes I wanted to try from last week. Got sidetracked!  

What do your kids have for lunch?!  I feel like I'm always in a rush since we usually go out in the morning.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about that swimmer. How sad. :(

  2. it's terrible about that swimmer and extremely scary that they didn't have enough guards watching the water.

    great job on the long run, but i'm sorry we won't be seeing you this wknd.

  3. so so sad :(

    great job on the long run though!