bad idea!

On Tuesday, I swam alone since I missed a swim on Monday. It was so boring. I was dragging myself through each lap. Swimming alone is so not fun! The time flies by when I swim with the group! After that I really wanted to do some abs or core work so I got out of the pool earlier than planned and when I got home I put on Jillian's 6 week 6 pack workout - level 2. I don't think I've ever done that one and it didn't seem all that bad while I was doing it. I was sweating a lot but it didn't seem super hard. Well today I feel like I ran a marathon 2 days ago. Every muscle in my lower body is sore. I am walking up and down the steps like I did run a marathon! And the sitting on the toilet too, you know how it's hard when you squat down??? Enough said.  The thing is, my abs don't even hurt and that was the point!  This confirms a few things for me - I have not been putting in the time with the corework. I was doing so well with it until I got into the intense triathlon training in July. I cannot believe my core is so out of shape. Also, I feel like all of my muscles are stronger when I have the corework. My stomach was doing so well and over the past 2 months it became a dough ball.  I'm excited to end this 3 sport training in some ways and fill in some core work.

The race I've been training for is just a few days away - Sunday- and I'm having second thoughts aka freaking out about the venue & date. I mentioned this before that the race is on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in DC. About a month ago there was a special on the history channel that I was watching while running (somehow it caught my interest) about a bomb in DC on 9/11 would be the plan. I haven't heard anything this week but I'm starting to think what my state of mind is going to be while racing. Will I be thinking of my times or bombs? Am I being crazy?

Marathon training is kind of a bust so far. All of my "long runs" - longest I've done is 11 miles have been on the treadmill mid week so that I can do a long bike on the weekend. Starting next week maybe I'll get back into the Saturday long runs but I'm not sure how motivated I even am for that.

Today's smoothie was a basic spinach/ banana/strawberry/blueberry/protein powder/ amazing grass. I need more ideas!


  1. My guess is that DC will be so heavily monitored that it will be fine.

  2. Oooooh - so sore when your muscles hurt like that! It is really hard to fit in everything. I'm sure the security will be high too. Best of luck for it.
    My butt is still sore after that ride last weekend! Getting quite nervous for the event!

  3. funny, even though i workout like nuts for the 70.3 training, i feel like i'm at my flabbiest. there just hasn't been time for my old core routine, lifting, etc. i'm looking forward to getting back to it. next year though i need to find a way to fit it all in. are you doing the half IM in DC?? or the Oly? either way, GOOD LUCK! and i wouldn't worry about any 9/11 stuff...

  4. I had to hold on to the side of the door in order to painful squat on the potty when I first started working with a personal trainer. My daughter thought I was crazy :-)