Sunday catch up

I ran today for the first time since last weekend's half marathon. I was going to try to attempt 16 miles until I got in touch with my coach and he suggested I run about an hour. I ended up running 8 miles. This was made possible by visiting my friend Kelli, the chiropractor yesterday. She worked on my hamstring and I could actually run with minimal pain today. It's not feeling so good now but I made it through the run without feeling awful! I'm hoping it improves with more visits and following through - I wasn't smart about stretching and here we are. 

We're in the marathon crunch time. There's 5 weeks until the marathon, and I need to fit in some long runs. My longest run has been 13 miles. My goal is to be able to run with my sister for most of the miles but I need to get my a** in gear to do so. Next week I'm planning 16, then 20, then 12 and 8. I hope my hamstring cooperates.

There was one picture of me and my sister of 13.1 miles last weekend and some girl is smack in the middle. Bad job taking pictures last weekend pros!!

My sis was educating me about my running form that I'm bringing my arms across my body and shoulders are not back. Also you can see how I'm running and it doesn't look pretty. What do you think? Any tips?
I'm not an efficient runner.

The foods I am loving right now are potatoes and cream cheese. They are really good together. Add in some black beans and it's a nice protein rich meal.  I had dismissed potatoes in the past but here are some of the good things about this carb rich food:
  • More POTASSIUM than a banana!
  • High in Vitamin C (45% of DV)
  • Also contains some B vitamins, and minimal niacin and folate.
  • The skin is a great source of fiber

As far as the cream cheese.... I've got nothing to say about that!


  1. Glad your hamstring was feeling better today! I'm probably the last person to ask about good running form. If I am not running on the treadmill looking in the mirror then my form is not what it should be!

  2. I'm NOT a pretty runner in photos lol

    Doesn't running more slumped over supposed to take more of your energy? I try hard to keep my shoulders and arms in line but sometimes if I focus on it too much I start getting too tense. Now I try to focus every few minutes on it so I don't get tense.

  3. Just catching up on my reading. Congrats on your half! Sounded like a great day all-around.

    My form is atrocious as well. My biomechanics were not meant for running. The arm/shoulder thing can be improved with practice. Unless it's causing injury, I wouldn't tinker with your stride. That often leads to more problems.

    I'll have to try that potato combo. It does sound really good.

  4. I had no idea that potatoes have more potassium than a banana... I can't eat bananas so that's good to know!

    Good luck with the upcoming long runs - I hope your hamstring holds up!