Catching up with Kara Goucher

Today was race day! My sister came home to run with me and ran under my brother's gf Miranda's bib #.  We arrived down in Philly around 6:30 - left the house around 6 and parked behind the Art Museum. We had some time to kill and used the port-a-potties by Kelly Drive.  We walked up to the starting area, went to the bathroom again, and then dropped off baggage at the UPS trucks. We were just hanging out doing some exercises by the start when Kara Goucher walked by.  I did a double take and got giddy. Here is my account:

Oh my god! That was totally Kara Goucher!! She just walked by! What should I do??? I started to get nervous and crazy. Should I go up to her?
My sis: You should totally go up to her, you can get a picture!

(Ok, ok. I'm pacing a little and think I can do it.)
I run up - she's pushing little Colt in the stroller - already walked past us.
Me: Kara? 
Kara: YES?
Kara: yes?
me: Oh my gosh!! Can I give you a hug?
Kara: sure! (what a creeper!)
me: I named my daughter after you! I'm a big fan! Is this Colt? He is adorable! How old is he? ( I knew the answer but didn't want to seem like a total stalker)
Kara: almost a year!
Me: My daughter is 14 months. I'm just a big fan! So you're husband is running today right?  Was he ready?
Kara: Yeah, I'm nervous for him. 
Me: Can I get a picture with you?
Kara: sure!
Me: Thank you so much!
Kara: Sure, good luck today!!
She was so nice and down to earth. The hug part cracks me up- I was totally star struck and shaking and did not know what to say or do.

I was semi shaking for this picture and then my mind was going bonkers for a good 10 minutes after that and I was laughing at how I acted. Oh man! But it was awesome!!  I wish Kara had been with me for the picture!

As for the race, my sister and I started and finished together. I didn't have big expectations and knew that my pace wasn't going to be near the 1:47 in March, I just haven't been speed training enough and most of my runs have been in the 8:35-8:55 range. I was fine with it, wanted to enjoy the day and finish and I did! This was my sister and I's first successful start and finish together.  There have been many races we planned to do together or wanted to do together and never did, a couple we started together and didn't finish together and one that ended up in the ER but this was it! A beautiful day and 1:55 finish. I was happy with it and thrilled I got to meet my running idol!  Oh and my garmin had me running 13.5 miles! That happen to anyone else?

finished! check out my chick band headband!

Rocky statue

awesome medal!

gotta love the support crew

fun waiting for us to meet up
Oh I am pretty darn sore today! My hamstring injury /muscle that I haven't heard from in awhile is back and my quads are extremely sore. Sad for not even "racing" it. Comfortable pace until mile 11/12 where I just wanted to finish - stomach issues with the Cytomax!!  What is your recovery week training schedule? My coach had me running 6 miles today - not happening.


  1. I'm going out to Kara's blog and read her post about you! I'm sure it wasn't creepy............ LOL

  2. Great race. Love that you got to meet Kara. You are not creepy just a great fan.

  3. When I was about 16 I was in the queue for the train up to the glacier for summer training (skiing) trying to wake up when I looked to my left and lo and behold stood Carole Merle (My total female skiing idol and olympian gold winner). I just stood there gawping with my hear thumping. Then my coach rocks up and as he too was in the French team starts chatting away to her. I honestly just stared and stared. I was just too shy to say anything and I've always kicked myself. My coach would have so said something if I had asked, so I say good for you! How cooooool! Well done on your race. So lovely to be able to enjoy it with your sis.

  4. You got to meet Kara Goucher?! JEALOUS! You two look like total BFFs. Congrats on a great race with your sister. :o)

  5. How cool! You and Kara G. totally look alike.

  6. How awesome! What a great day!

  7. Great race!
    I've never run with anyone not a training run or race. I'm such a loner (I don't know any runners invreal life(
    It's so cute you asked kara goucher for a hug.
    I read an article about her in shape magazine a few years ago, it's what inspired me to start running.

  8. So jealous! It's so funny you asked her if you could hug her. Glad you got the picture!

  9. Amazing day--how cool to meet Kara Goucher in person!!!

  10. That's awesome you got to meet Kara. My sister and I still regret not asking Catherine Ndreba for a picture when we met her in an elevator after a race years ago.

  11. that is so cool you met her! great time on your race!!

  12. I love this post!! So awesome that you met her and got to talk. Great run, too!

  13. Holy crap, I am so jealous!!

  14. That is so cool that you got to meet Kara! Great job on the sister run :)

  15. I couldn't stop giggling reading your conversation! I would have been the same way as you....so star struck! I think you handled it very cooly and you definitely look cool in the picture!!! Great job on the run with your sister! You look like you had a great time!!!

  16. What a fun morning! I can't picture you getting star-struck :)

  17. That is so awesome that you got meet Kara, AND get a pic with her! Congrats on the solid race as well!

  18. That is sooo neat that you got to meet Kara Goucher! Great race too! I wish I could run a race with my sis, but we live far apart and haven't been able to work that out yet.

  19. NO WAY that is too freaking cool! Has anyone ever told you that you kind of look alike??

    Congrats on the half marathon!!!

  20. Oh my GOSH!!! I can't believe you met Kara Goucher and got your picture taken with her!! I'm so jealous! I love that you were totally star struck because I would've been FREAKING out! I saw her running the Boston marathon this year and when she ran by me I was screaming, "GO KARA!" and then I turned to my husband and was like, "oh my gosh! I can't believe Kara Goucher was like 10 feet away from me!!" I thought THAT was cool but you actually hugged her and took a pic with her! so dang cool!

    Okay, sorry, I'm done freaking out but when I saw that picture in my Google reader my jaw just about dropped to the floor. Coolest thing ever!

  21. kara's the best!! i also had a photo op with her last summer, and she is just so sweet!! i love that you went up to her and chatted. very cool.

    and great job on the race! i hope the hammie feels better.

  22. How did I totally miss this post?! How cool you got to meet Kara Goucher. It's good to hear she was approachable and nice in real life. I'd hate to have my image shattered.

    I'd say an extra .2-.25 would be within the realm of norm, but an extra .4 is really excessive. Congrats on a great run!