Crunchmaster Gluten Free Cracker Review

Through Mom Select, I had the opportunity to try CrunchMaster Gluten Free crackers.  I was sent a sample of the Original Multi Seed Crackers.

The ingredients for these crackers are listed above. I like the ingredient list and found the crackers to be tasty. They remind me of rice crackers that I've had before (hence the first ingredient - brown rice flour) - they are crunchy and full of taste. They aren't crackers that are going to be gone within a week at my house, but I eat a handful here and there with lunch.  They are good by themself because of the different tastes. I think they would also be good with cheese. They make a good snack or lunch paired with cheese and fruit!

Have you tried these?  Did you like them? If these are a product that you like and you are a coupon cutter, please contact me and I'll send you a coupon!

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