CSN stores: product review upcoming

You may have heard of CSN stores from the blog world. CSN stores has over 200 stores with a variety of products including dinnerware sets tons of furniture & baby gear, and really anything you could imagine (vitamix? check.)

Definitely check them out for all of your product needs in one place.  I am looking at purchasing the dualie handlebar console for the BOB stroller, and maybe a carseat snap and go stroller.   I can't decide on the snap and go carseat stroller since it would only work for the baby and not for Nick!  I'll be browsing their products and finding some baby gear for sure! Look out for a review soon.

Here are the baby girl and baby boy :)

We're doing well here. The most challenging thing is getting baby kara on a nursing schedule. I have the book baby wise and the second time around I am trying to be more on a schedule than I was with Nick. However, Nick turned out just fine and slept through the night around 10 weeks.  I think the middle of the night feedings are precious. I love my sleep, but it only lasts a short while (those middle of the night feedings) so I don't mind them at all.

1 day post run - feeling good. Maybe my leg muscles are a little bit sore?  I did some light lifting today and will attempt 3 miles tomorrow.  I'm not pushing it, though, because I want to enjoy it, not have to do it.   I remember with Nick being starving all the time and eating in the middle of the night because I was so hungry - not the case so far with little Kara. I'm rarely hungry! 


  1. I just have to laugh and imagine what it's like having a kid sleep through the night at 10 weeks and not waking up to nurse! I'm jealous. Ethan still wakes up 3 or 4 times a night and before I weaned him at 15 months he still wanted to nurse that often as well during the night lol

    Glad things are going well! I'm lacking serious motivation & energy running here....I bet you can guess why ;-)

  2. if you visit the inlaws in CT i can give you a snap and go!! seriously! someone gave it to me and i never used it...

  3. My god - i know what you mean about the hunger thing - I'm always eating! Strange it is not so strong with Kara.

    Well done on the lifting. Good luck 4 the 3 miler - I always think 3 miles is a 'proper' distance!

    Tried Murray on his belly but it doesn't seem to help. his bouncy chair is a godsend though.


  4. Cute kid pics! Good luck with the nursing schedule!

  5. Cute pictures. Both Nick and Kara are so adorable. Can't believe you are up and running already! Way to go lady :)

  6. We used a snap 'n go stroller with Elena and loved it. That is awesome that you are running again! I meant to ask you in your last blog post how Nick liked the Please Touch Museum. We haven't been there with Elena yet.

  7. Love the babe pics! How is Nick doing?
    Sounds like you're finding your groove :-)