Update and Jay Robb Strawberry Rice Protein Powder

Here's my doctor appointment update: The baby's heart rate was 140. I gained another pound. I am 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced.  The doctor said 'not much has changed' but I wasn't effaced at all last week!  With Nick, I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced at my last appointment and had him a few days later.  He just said who knows - it could be anytime - now, next week, the week after.  He also said if next week I want to be done, I could get induced the 19th and he would deliver.  He's leaving for vacation for all of next week! Ugh!  I don't want to make it to my next appointment with another doctor - next Friday. Oh well. We'll see!   Also, has anyone been positive for this Group B Strep? I was positive for it and have to get an IV when my water breaks or when I go to the hospital.  It's an infection you can pass on to the baby. Gross.

What is your story with being effaced? Can I be a high percent effaced for a while?  For those of you that don't know what that means, it just means the thickness of the cervix. It was very thick last week and thinned out and at 100%, it is totally thinned out and ready to deliver.

 So I tried another Jay Robb protein powder - and this was the first one that I did not like.
Ingredients: Whole-grain sprouted brown rice protein concentrate, natural flavor, stevia. 
I went into this one unsure since I am not a fan of strawberry ice cream, strawberry flavored milk or anything like that.  I mixed it with 1 cup of cold water. The smell: Pepto Bismol. The taste: chalky. The after taste was brown rice, I don't think the strawberry came through all that much. I finished it, but had to chase it with juice and food very quickly.   The good news is that it did mix well with just water - so 110/120 calories for all that protein (24g) is not bad.  I'll let you know when I try the next rice one if the taste is similar, but for now - thumbs down, I got in my protein but it wasn't pretty!  

I will also say that after drinking the chocolate egg white protein powder with milk yesterday around noon, I was not hungry again until 5 pm! Very filling!  


  1. I'm not much help on the effacing question. I think with Aaron (my first) I was just barely effaced and my water broke. With Amberlin (2nd) I had to be induced a day after my due date. I pretty much had all I could take and scheduled it!

  2. i hope the baby comes soon!!!

  3. I was also positive for Group B and it wasn't a big deal just kind of a pain since you have to be strapped to the IV and makes moving around a pain in the 'ol ass. I can't even remember how effaced I was last time. I just know I sat at 1cm for along time and finally started having contractions 10 days late. I guess I am just a believer that it'll happen when it's supposed to happen and try and stay away from as much "medicine" as possible. If you want to try and stay away from the epidural I would advise against being induced! It sucked (I wasn't officially induced but the doc insisted I have pitocin once I got to the hospital)!

  4. Well it sounds like progress to me. Good luck!!

  5. Sorry - no help with the baby questions. But in the interests of being encouraging, my SIL's SIL had her three kids all the same way - all born in under 2 hours - my point being that I hope things go the same way as they did with Nick! :)

  6. I couldn't remember what it was like the last week before I delivered so I checked on my blog...this was written 5 days before the baby came:
    I think I posted updates after each Dr's appointment.

  7. I was 80% and 3cm for 3 weeks with Brayden (second child)...Dr. told me that our body prepares earlier because it knows what to do after the first time and it's not a sign of impending labor the way it is the first time fingers are crossed for you!

  8. I was positive with Group B strep. It's something that's present off and on -- all the time -- in the cooter, and actually could NOT be there when the baby is born, but they don't take any chances if you test positive for it in, what is it? week 34 or 36? since the baby's eyes, nose, mouth pass through that region.

    It's no big deal. They just give you an IV that's an antibiotic.

    70% effaced seems like a lot! Any time now! Would you want to be induced to have the same doctor? Personally, I loved the midwife I had, but after having Norah, I'm of the opinion that just about any doctor/midwife could do it. It's the nurses who do most of the work!