promo code & recipes round 2

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2 things I tried again -
protein cake using 2 egg whites  - negative
seed crackers pulsing for about 1 second and keeping the seeds intact - positive!

So the protein cake - it looked awesome - it rose really high, I used one ramekin. But then, on the inside, I could see white from the egg whites. Well, that totally grossed me out so I threw away any parts that had the egg whites in them. I'll do it again the first way w/ the flax!

The seed crackers after 30 minutes:
 Fully baked:
 Comparison from trial #1 (on the right). So much better!

Seed crackers - I pulsed the seeds for about a second. They turned out so much better! The batter seemed more normal (not grey) and was easier to spread and clean up. Do you eat those mary's crackers? I have never tried them, but these ones are really good.

This morning I went swimming - the only thing getting me up in the morning is that I know I can't swim for 6 weeks after the baby comes (which really, totally stinks). Not just for swimming with the master's but also swimming at the pool!  I am so bummed about this!  It didn't feel great this morning and sometimes I try to go back to sleep but this morning I didn't - I should have. The rest of the day I have been so exhausted. Instead of napping, I was making spinach balls and some kale/barley for healthy food to freeze.  Note to self - take the nap next time! I've had some back pain and been a little crampy but then it seems to go away.  Oh well. One minute I'm ready and the next minute I'm nervous about how I'm going to adapt to life with 2 little ones that are not independent - and trying to enjoy the ease of just having one!


  1. those two little ones will be lucky to call you their mama!!! :) your going to be a fabuous mommy!!

  2. sounds like you are progressing! when is your due date again?