Healthy Food; 38 weeks

I forgot to report about my 1st cup of coffee - ever.  I had a cup of decaf coffee a couple of days ago with almond milk and whole milk and some sugar. It hit the spot, but I haven't had one since. Weird craving that day.

I'm in a weird phase right now and besides my need for butter/cheese and bread, which I'll have maybe one time each day, I'm pretty much only into healthy eats. I have no cravings for weird things but I just want healthy stuff (well there was the bag of m & m's that I purchased and TJ's vanilla cake mix that I made into cookies but I'm not even into eating them!). Why couldn't this have been going on the last 38 weeks!?

 the final bowl 

 the ice cream

the crisp

For breakfast, taking inspiration from Heather, I made protein ice cream in the vita-mix with oatmeal blueberry crisp. For the protein ice cream, I used the Jay Robb vanilla rice protein, about 15 ice cubes, 1 cup almond milk + skim milk mixed and 1/3 tsp xanthan gum. I didn't use guar gum because I don't have any and I don't use stevia, but I feel like the protein powder is sweet enough without it. The rice vanilla flavor It was better than the strawberry flavor but still I was iffy about the taste and prefer the whey and egg white proteins.  I put that in the freezer while I waited for the crisp to cook. I took 1/2 cup oatmeal + about 1/2 to 1 cup blueberries and blackberries (they were frozen), 1 tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp flaxseed and a sprinkle of maple syrup. It was inspired by this post: Polly's crisp.  It was a delicious and filling breakfast!  Now for lunch I kind of want some kind of nut or bean concoction so I'm going to look for some easy ideas.

38 weeks
Well - sleeping is frustrating. I have been getting around 6 hours on a good night, maybe 7, and I am one of those people that needs my sleep - 8 hours. I've been cranky! It's not that I can't sleep, it's that I can't fall asleep. And let me tell you, I'm exhausted when I go up to bed. I usually just can't find a position and can't breath! I end up propping myself up and falling asleep 1/2 sitting up and waking up with a sore neck around 4am, then going back to sleep for another hour or 2. Sleeping is the worst right now.

Energy wise - somehow I have it throughout the day and besides doing activities with Nick, I've been doing the cleaning and making small meals to freeze.  I've been working out everyday. My schedule is something like this:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings: Swim
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday - lift and elliptical/bike
Saturday - yoga

I'm ridiculously slow for swimming now. I feel like I am way behind and half floating. I don't know how people keep their pace up! I never bought a maternity bathing suit so my bathing suits are all stretched out and I need new ones.


  1. You're doing great! Swimming must feel good on your back.
    I can't believe that was your 1st cup of coffee; good for you. Coffee is a vice I'll never give up :-)

  2. I forgot about 3rd trimester sleep. :-( I hope it improves soon!

  3. Keep up the great work girl! You may feel like a slow swimmer, but remember that you're a member of the "something club": something is better than nothing!!!

  4. I started drinking coffee about 3 years ago, and I got totally hooked! You would have thought that I would have started having it earlier, b/c I'm a teacher, but I never could find the right combination! Your recipe for the ice cream looks good. :-)

  5. We're on the same swimming schedule :) Maybe I am just completely unaware of what pregnancy is supposed to look like at this stage, but I think you look tiny!! And also very fit and happy!

  6. I don't think it matters how fast you're swimming at this point! It's amazing how active you are right now!

    You look super cute!

  7. Yeah I started to slow towards the end too and then about week 39 I got twitchy about going to the pool in case my waters broke and I didn't know, got an infection and or grossed every one else out!
    My gym workouts were pretty darn slow too, but you are still getting a workout as just moving about is hard enough!
    I must say, although I have to feed Murray in the night, I am loving being able to sleep lieing down so you have my sympathies.
    Take care,

  8. love the belly pic! your so cute!!!!

    gret job getting all the workouts in.... i give you mad props!

  9. Girl, you are expecting SO much out of yourself right now. Most people who are in their 38th week lie around and do nothing. Most people who aren't even pregnant work out less than you do. Okay, that was incredibly bad syntax, but you know what I mean.

    You are doing SO well!! Give yourself some props!

    Angela/Pretty In Orange

  10. You look awesome!! Keep up the great work and don't worry about your speed!