A glorious 2 miles & Jay Robb summary

This morning I woke up and tried going on the treadmill. I made it to 8 minutes (only .6 miles) and it wasn't comfortable so I lifted instead.  After lunch while Nick was napping, I tried again and had a glorious 2 mile run. That is a record, I haven't ran that much in about 5 weeks.  It felt really good cardio wise but wasn't all that comfortable in my lower abdomen. I definitely pushed it a bit - the level of comfort and probably won't do too much the rest of the day, but it was worth it!

I just wanted to summarize my Jay Robb experience and tell you what I will ultimately use.

There was whey protein, egg white protein and rice protein.
The whey was my favorite in either vanilla or chocolate. It was tasty, went down easy, made great "ice cream" and I thought the ingredients and nutritional facts were stellar.  The egg white protein and rice protein would fight for 2nd, but it wouldn't be close to the whey. Today I mixed the strawberry egg white in the mixer and it still had chunks in it - the taste of the strawberry is definitely tasty, but I preferred the chocolate one, which seemed to mix well. 

Bars: There are 4 bars - cashew coconut - love the combo, very tasty! Fudge brownie - absolutely delicious, and then peanut butter Jay bar and Almond Energy Bar. I am saving the latter two for when I'm in the hospital and need energy or a boost. I'll report back on them but the bars are definitely very tasty and high in protein.  Thumbs up!

I ended up ordering one vanilla whey bag and one chocolate whey bag.  I think if I wanted the rice taste, I would order the chocolate or vanilla rice protein, but it was an iffy taste for me. I think I'd bag the egg white. I think it will be hard to get past the whey and want to order the other two so I'm sticking with the whey! If you have a food allergy or don't do whey, I'd say try either the rice or egg white protein and I would definitely recommend the bars.

If you spend over $25, you get free shipping.  For 12 oz of chocolate/vanilla, the cost was $23.75.  I got one of each so scored free shipping. Thank you Beth at Jay Robb for the opportunity to try these out!


  1. Nothing like a GREAT run to make your whole day!

  2. A good run in the morning is the best feeling! Nice job!

  3. You're ready to have this baby aren't you? ;)

    Nice job on the 2 miler! That's awesome.

  4. great job on the 2 miler! :)

  5. I just read your running update -you are kicking butt!!! :)

  6. YAY!!!!! i FINALLY figured out how to comment on your blog!!! i haven't been able to comment here for months! But believe me, i've read every post!!!!! i hope i am able to comment from now on. Your belly looks so cute! glad you are still able to squeeze in a run every now and then. I am very excited for you and your family! In case i can't comment again, good luck with your new baby!!

  7. Well done on the 2 miles. Hope the tum isn't too tired now!

    Oh 2 miles - how blessed that would be!

    Make sure ou do take it easy this afternoon - it may be d day later!

  8. yay for a great run :-) sounds like the end is close by if you are feeling that good!

  9. Nice job with the run!! I'm going to have to check out those bars.....

  10. I'm so happy for you that you've been able to run (relatively) comfortably again! I bet that means you're getting really close!