5k PR, the cycle and the hip

This morning it was pouring rain and 45 degrees, and I was questioning whether or not to run the 5k I do every year locally.  In addition, my hip started hurting earlier this week and ever since Thursday's speedwork, it has been getting a bit worse. I went to pick up my shirt and bib # anyway, I love the shirts! They are long sleeve with a butterfly on the front. The race is in memory of a girl that went to the local high school and was killed by a drunk driver going the wrong way on Route 76. What a tragedy. She was 18. I can't imagine. Anyway, it is a well put on run each year and I enjoy doing it. Last year it was our first (and last?) family 5k. This morning I really wanted Nick to come watch since it's so close but it was too gross out. 

I went by myself and wanted to get in 7-8 miles for the day, so I warmed up with 3 miles on the track.  I was soaked. Completely soaking wet and my Garmin was going nuts and beeping all over the place. I feel like the rain was hitting the bezel - wtf is that.  By the time I got to the start line, it was changing screens on its own and had the accuracy screen up and GPS off. I was getting really annoyed with it! Does this ever happen to you? I am not a fan of the bezel thing at all! I asked a girl for help and her and boyfriend / husband helped me out - later she was the female winner of the race! A really nice person too! 

I started running and felt totally out of breath. I was semi happy to see that I went out in 7:10, but seriously, it felt like 6:10 the way I was huffing and puffing. Mile 2 was 7:20 and mile 3 7:26. The last 0.14 was 6:34 pace.  I finished in 22:48 for 3.1 miles, which was 3rd place for my age group so that was fun. I saw the 2nd place girl pass me in the last 0.1 mile. So annoying!  I did NOT feel strong for this race. My goal was sub 22 minutes and as close to 7:00 pace as I could get. As I was running, I thought "ok, sub 23 will be ok."  I JUST made that.  I don't feel super confident for next weekend now, as this was a 5k and I could barely hold the 7:15 pace, and my goal is to run 7:30 pace for 10 miles?  We'll see what happens! I have no pictures since it was raining and no one was there! :)
One week to go!

Warmup 3.22 miles 29:50
5k Race 3.1 miles 22:48/ 7:15 pace
cooldown 1.29 miles/13:44
Total 7.61 miles today

Do you feel differently depending on where you are in your monthly cycle? I have been eating like CRAP for the last week. I made cookies early in the week and have been having dessert every night (a cookie and "pudding" with hemp protein). I have not been motivated to get up and go swimming but feel good about getting up for a run. I feel fat and lazy this week. I wonder if there is a week in the cycle that you are at your best for a PR. What do you think?

Happy Easter!


  1. yay!! you did an awesome job! my garmin ALWAYS screws up at races!!

    ok, I thought I've read before about female runners and the cycle...can't remember where. but, the best time to run is during your period (ironic huh?) then up until ovulation. after ovulation until your period starts again runs pretty much suck. I always tried NOT to think where I was in my cycle to make it mess with my head though. some of my best runs were the day before my period started though. maybe this is when the hormones start to change to trigger the period?

  2. First off, you gotta be happy with a PR! :) Secondly, I feel AWESOME and UNSTOPPABLE in the first 2 weeks of my cycle- from the time I get my period until I ovulate... then in the second half I just feel weaker and weaker as the 2 weeks drag on... culminating in the shittiest training days ever for the 2 days prior to getting my period... then I get it and TA-DAH. All better. I've completely paid attention to this cycle and it's been like this 4 months in a row. Now I don't sweat shitty workouts at the end of my cycle- I just go get them done and know that it'll be normal/good soon.

  3. I remember reading in your triathlon race report that your left hip bothered you. That stinks that it is still bothering you. My injury issues all began with left hip pain 2 yrs and 2 months ago. I hope you can figure out what is going on.

  4. nice job on the finish!!

    My Garmin acts crazy in the rain too & it drives me nuts!! It beeps & changes screens like crazy. I hate it!

  5. super job!! i think you will rock broad street. i haven't paid too much attention to my cycle (other than trying to get pregnant right now!!) but i will now, based on what michelle said!

  6. Congrats on the PR. That is an awesome time! I always feel frumpy during that time of the month. Harder to get motivated to exercise but I am so happy once I do it.

  7. Interesting topic!!!! I think I run better when I'm on my period but I'm not sure! I will pay attention now though!!

  8. Ps great job on the PR!!!!!!

  9. Fantastic job on the PR!!!! I always find the shorter the distance the more painful it is. Hopefully the 10 miler will feel easier!

    The hip may be the start of IT (tight Illiotibial band) which if not careful can then go into the knee. I often get it if I don't stretch, especially after the bike as you are in such a restricted position. Google some good stretches for IT Band and hopefully it will ease off.

    I always have a week about 2 weeks before I'm due when I'm just a horror - grumpy, tired, hungry, emotional. Totally hate it. Haven't clocked it for performance yet, but probably is a link. Actually I hadn't clocked the grumpy bit either - poor old hubby worked it out!!!! LOL!

    I had heard the garmin 405 is a pest for switching onto diff things when not required, which is why I went for the 205. It may look like your exercising with a PC strapped to your wrist but at least the screen stays where you want it!!!

    Rest up and good luck with Broadstreet.

  10. A great race! I hope to someday break 23 min in the 5 K! Nice work!

  11. congrats on the PR, rest up and you'll do great next wknd.

  12. First of all be proud of a pr...no matter how big or small!!! You did great!!

    I am usually a rockstar for energy in the first 2 weeks and then my energy and strength tend to go down. The few days before I am toast. Once I get it the energy is back to normal!

  13. CONGRATS on the 5K PR! Way to go!!!

  14. Great job on the 5K!

    I think PMS definitely has an effect on women, it's just a different effect for every woman. I know I am at my worst the week before the period arrives.

    Also, you may be experiencing more intense ups and downs right now as your cycle resumes its normal schedule. After a couple of years of being preggo and breastfeeding, the hormones may take a few months to even out to more manageable, or at least predictable, levels.

  15. Congrats on the PR! That's a big chunk of time off.

  16. Congrats Natalie! You're on a hot streak! You've got plenty of speed in you. I definitley think you've on target to hit your Braod Street goal.