Luna bars and crackers

Whew. I have been hit hard with some kind of stomach bug. It started Tuesday morning with feeling clammy, lightheaded, no energy, and my stomach hurt. Tuesday and Wednesday I ate just about nothing. I had zero appetite. I don't think that has ever happened in my life as bad as it was those 2 days. I was laying in a ball alot on Tuesday - thankfully the kids took nice naps and Nick was cool hanging out and watching Thomas.  Tuesday morning I did attempt to run and it was horrible.  Wednesday I did nothing. Yesterday I had a little bit more of an appetite- I forced crackers down, pretzel sticks and stuck with Luna bars.  I ran 4 ok miles in the afternoon but my stomach was not feeling well. Last night I tried to eat a semi normal dinner. No matter what I eat my stomach is just in knots. I'm not vomiting, it's not coming out the other way, my stomach is just very upset. I've never had anything like this before. Anyone care to help?

My speedwork for this week - gone. And it was to be a big workout to gauge my fitness and goals for Broad Street (2 weeks away)! Biking this week - did not happen.  This morning I got up to swim. I haven't been sleeping well with all of this crap so I was awake at 4:30 anyway so I just got up. The first 100 I thought I was only lasting 30 minutes, if that.  Then we did 6 200s and I was hanging in there. I made it through the workout but when I came home I really would have liked to go to sleep for 4 hours. Not happening :)

Hopefully I will feel ok for Sunday's triathlon which is now just a little twist in my training! That's all I'm viewing it as so that it will be fun. Predictions - I will probably enjoy it and wish that I trained harder for the bike. Or I will not be feeling it and wonder why I signed up for an Olympic distance in 2 months.  :)

My Kara turned 9 months old today.  How fast did that go? Too fast my friends!!! I am at the end of nursing and pumping.  We'll see how long she goes on stored milk until that runs out. It is bittersweet but she was fighting it so she was ready to be done. I'm ready for you to come off any day now, last few pounds.

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  1. bummer about the stomach bug. i hope you have fun at the tri! the energy from the other people will be fun at least...i'll be looking for the race report!

  2. Had to beleive it has been 9 months. Wow! Hope you feel better. The stomach is going around work too..not good.

  3. your daughter is adorable, keep up the good workouts :)hope youre feeling better.

  4. sorry youve been sick! I hope you are better by now.

    Love the last picture!

  5. Ugh - that tummy bug sounds familiar! Take care of yourself. Kara is just gorgeous - where did the past 9 months go indeed!

  6. How do you take such great pictures of your kids?! I love those. Feel better!