Calorie Counting 1 week down and Speedwork

It has been one week now of calorie counting. I'd say I'm giving it 80% and I'm surprised I even lasted the week.  I'm going to try to see if I can improve it for the rest of this week and make sure I'm entering everything in.

Here's what I learned so far:

*Somehow I gained 2 pounds. WTF is that. I averaged about 2000 calories, burning estimate between 2200-2700. Maybe that burn estimate is too high? Or I'm not entering everything in. The burn estimate includes a basal metabolic rate of around 1300.  Since it's a pretty simple equation (eat less calories than you burn), I think I need to eat less.  When I was in college, I only added in my workouts (no basal metabolic rate) and made sure I ate less than I burned. I was eating only 1100-1200 calories a day and working out every day - hard workouts - crew team. I lost 25 lbs in 6 months doing that and gained about 10 back overtime. I could NEVER eat that little again. That is like nothing! I am going to shoot for 1800 and see if I can handle that.

*I'm deficient in calcium and Vitamin D. I bought a supplement. I found it helpful to find this out from the analysis and really like the fitday site once all your custom foods are in there.

*My fat grams count is high  - need to moderate those nuts and nut butters!

*Counting calories makes me want to bake mad desserts and think about them - chocolate chip cookies most of all.  IT also makes me think about food all the time. I am not a fan.

Speedwork this morning - when I left the house, it was dry out but they were calling for storms. As I was driving to the track (about 15 min away), I saw lightning in the distance. I decided to keep going. Warmed up and it started raining a little bit... also saw more lightning so hopped back in the car and did the speedwork on the treadmill. I felt really strong. 3 x 1600 at 7:20s pace and 2 x 800s with 800 jogs in between. I am excited for the 5k I am doing in a couple of weeks right before Broad Street.

I'm on my last leg of nursing. Kara is 8.5 months and doesn't want to do it anymore. Did that happen to you? I think it happened with Nick too. I don't really have the time to pump so I think we're at the end of the road. I also think since I'm trying to lose weight and working out hard my supply is dropping quickly anyway.  I have some stored up so she'll make it to about 10 months and then I'll make the switch to formula. I think some people report they drop a few pounds when nursing ends - didn't get the chance to find that out last time (since I was pregnant!) so we'll see what happens with that.

Bunny pancakes for some easter themed breakfast  - recipe coming soon.


  1. I calorie-count regularly... yes, it makes me think about food all the time (well, I do that anyway), but it keeps me on track. Good luck finding the right balance!

    Well done on the intervals!

  2. what a cute bunny :-)

    sounds like you're eating enough.....do you think your cycle is about to return? that can mess up your gaining/loosing. it's not fair that men aren't messed up with hormones when they're trying to loose weight.

  3. try this for a guide to calorie counting. its kind of dated but works


    i've tried it and it takes a few weeks for the numbers to starting showing a high enough corelation

  4. Yes, I def lost about 5+lbs when I stopped nursing Elle, so I bet it will happen to you too! I think your body naturally holds onto a few extra lbs b/c you are feeding another human:)

  5. i was eating about 1500 when i lost weight...i needed to do it that way for it to happen at a rate i could measure to stay motivated. for short periods (i did about a month, took a break, did it again) i think it worked well.

  6. I've never counted calories in my life, so kudos to you for putting in the effort!

    For me, my body held onto a few extra pounds during nursing, so yes, when I stopped, I lost a couple of pounds. But then, fair warning, that drop in lbs and the loss of breastmilk also means your boobs are gonna...let's just say they will NOT be the same. You probably didn't experience that before since you were pregnant, and pregnancy justs eems to naturally enhance those sweater bunnies ;)

  7. Replace some of your calories with good fats (Udo's oil is a great one, veganaise is another great one if you haven't tried it, avocados of course...) and you'll find you'll eat fewer calories total over the day b/c you'll be more satiated... and the good fast go a long way toward increasing endurance too. Those would be the LAST thing to cut out of your diet.

  8. I can't count calories. It's just too hard to do! I do need to do it though for a few days to see what my spread looks like (of nutrients). And I'm like you....love fitday for that. I need to eat more avocados though! :-) But I wouldn't stress too much about the fluctuation of a couple pounds here and there; it's likely just the course of the hormones like others have already mentioned.

  9. I lost about 5 pounds when I stopped - no joke! But then I went from my hugely inflated e cup back down to just about an a cup (on a good day!) As Jess says - the deflatopn is pretty soul destroying but I did find that I regained some perkiness again after a wee while.

    Could be any number of reasons for 2lb gain - water, need loo (sorry), due....

    Please don't eat so little! Not a good route.

    Oh and my mate's second lost interest about 9 months in too - diff appetite to her first but also watching big bro eat and wanting to be a big boy.

  10. All this talk about "deflation" is not very appealing! =/

  11. I can only count calories for about a week before I can't stand it anymore. I have never done it since I started running a few years ago though. It's too hard to factor in the calories burned vs calories consumed.

    I am currently nursing my 5 month old and I work, so I am just starting to switch her over to one formula feed a day while I am at work so I can stop pumping. I have held onto about 5lbs of baby weight as well, so I am looking forward to the day that goes away. I am not looking forward to the hormone flux that will come with weaning though! Good luck!

  12. i dont know how you do it... i cant even remember what i ate this morning let alone how many calories it was!

  13. I dont count calories it seems to stressful

  14. I'm almost always counting (not always logging- but just making a mental count) but just not always keeping that number where it should be!

    My mom used to make me bunny shaped pancakes! I thought everybody's mom did that, but apparently my mom excelled in the pancake department. (Like you!)

  15. I'm so bad at being good about counting calories. I end up just eating the same thing every day and then I know how much I'm consuming. So far I have stayed around 1600 calories and have been able to maintain a comfortable weight. Would I like to lose more? Sure but I am always conscience of going overboard with my obsession. I spent 10 years obsessing over every calorie consumed and every calorie burned. I was 18lbs lighter but my life revolved around calories and it was unhealthy for me. Now I want to be a strong example for Em to show her how to have a healthy relationship with food.

  16. i think that I usually need a couple weeks to see progress on the scale, so hopefully it's just a little lag time! I have to admit i'm a little like you on the numbers though.. i swear i know what i'm eating and burning and i should be dropping mad weight