A little bit of crazy

I have alot going on right now - here's the run down.

I basically stopped pumping cold turkey a couple of weeks ago and am now suffering the consequences of this. I just couldn't find the time to fit it in anymore. I was only getting about 2 oz so it was close to the end but I did not do it right and now I have a boob that hurts and feels like there's something in there. So stupid. I also just feel totally sad that it ended like that right after 9 months. First Kara just started refusing to eat and I didn't have the time to keep at it, so after a couple of weeks of pumping 4 times a day, I just stopped. She is still drinking stored up milk which will last until about 10 months. The whole thing makes me sad and I am mad at myself for just stopping. I know you aren't supposed to do that.

We just put our house on the market on Monday. It has been crazy trying to keep the house clean and leaving for showings. I am already overwhelmed and we only had one day so far, of 2 showings. We have more in the next few days. I hope it sells quickly.

It looks like my hip problem is an upper hamstring problem. My friend is a chiropractor and gave me advice as to what to do for it - it's still bothering me and I just hope I can run 100% for Sunday.

This week I have been waking up and not wanting to train at all. I hope it is not related to my cold turkey pumping and that this doesn't last long. I've got in my workouts but with some level of dread.


  1. uh, oh....use heat and let her nurse it down for you! It won't be good if you get mastitis in it :-( I'm trying to increase my supply a bit so I can at least have a little milk stored. I don't do well with the pump though and do a LITTLE better if he's nursing on the alternate side.

    Good luck with the house! That's great you have so many showings already. We finally have a showing today after 3 weeks of not any. It is crazy trying to keep it clean with 2 kids. I better get off of here to get mine done lol

  2. Ouch!

    Selling a house is a crazy thing in itself let alone with 2 small children! I can feel your pain with keeping everything clean. I feel like I pick up things then turn around to find them all over the place again!!! Good luck with selling! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. You just described my life 2 months ago, except we didn't end up putting our house on the market, we did all this work on our house so a bunch of realtors could tell us we can't sell it in this market, awesome. I think the lack of motivation to train is from quitting pumping. That happened to me, it felt like I was coming down with the flu, take some motrin, it will help! I promise.

  4. Advil! Or Motrin. Any NSAID works well to manage that pain.

    And, if you get a fever, or if the lump is red and the redness spreads, see your doctor right away.

  5. I can totally relate to the house stuff - we just sold ours. It went fast, THANK GOODNESS, because keeping it clean with a toddler and a big dog was a nightmare. Just moving to a different house or different area?

  6. Are you totally done breastfeeding too? If so, use cold medicine to dry up that soreness that is still in there. When I weaned my son at 14 months, even though he was only nursing at bedtime, for about 1-2 weeks after, I had a knot in there that would NOT go away and was very sore. I used sudafed as directed on the package and I swear to you, in about 24 hours, I was totally dried up and better!

  7. You've got a lot on your plate! This too will pass.

  8. Oh wow, that is a lot! I hope your house sells quickly and that all your other stresses go away soon. :)