Weaning, Heart Rate Monitors, and Triathlons

3 Random things : )

Last week at 8 months and 3 weeks,  Kara started refusing to nurse. I can't remember if that happened with Nick but with Nick running around and having both of them, I kind of just gave up and gave her bottles. I was pumping 4 times a day and now I'm pumping 3. The end is in sight and it happened so fast, it was kind of sad. I'm ready for 12 months and the sippy cup for sure. I remember Nick would hold his own bottle but Kara won't hold it. At least with nursing you can have a hand free, but with a bottle I feel like I can't do that!  I'm not sure if my crazy pms and hardcore time of the month last month was the beginning of my supply decline and hormonal craziness or if I'm going to experience that real soon. I have been feeling pretty blah over the last few days.
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I started looking at heart rate monitors. I'm interested in knowing when I'm in hardcore training mode but I also want to know how many calories I actually burn throughout the day and when my heartrate goes up and down including while I'm sleeping. Do you have one that you can wear throughout the day? Do you wear one while running/training? Any recommendations?

My first triathlon is this weekend, on Sunday. It's at a YMCA - outdoor pool - swim 500 meters, 10 mile bike and 5K run. I'm not going to lie, after my biking experience last weekend, I didn't even go outside on the bike this weekend like I should have. I've been doing spinning once a week and fully plan to get crushed on the bike. At least it will be a PR race since it's my first one. I'm not totally feeling it but I'm excited to see what my swim time is and my 5k time after a swim and bike.

The following week I'm racing a 5k, but I think I'm going to run 5-7 miles first, so I guess it won't totally be a race. I'm not sure, but I have to get in 8-10 miles that weekend, one week before Broad Street!  I was thinking of doing maybe 5 easy miles then racing the 5k so it would be like tempo pace for the 10 miler. Maybe I should do 2 before the race, do the race then easy 3-4 more.   So what is in store:

This weekend April 17 - Y triathlon
April 23 - 5k + short run
May 1 - 10 mile big race!
May 15- haven't signed up - 10K?
haven't signed up for the Odyssey half marathon in the end of May - should I do it?


  1. I bought the one that went with the garmin 405. it worked great and i could see my heart rate on garmin connect when i uploaded my run. it was neat to know & i could tell a huge difference & acutally got a good idea of where it should or shouldnt be from wearing it so much.

    since ive become so relaxed on my running, i havent been wearing it but i recommend getting the one that goes with the 405. :)

  2. Norah never held her own bottle either.

    I weaned her at about 8 months as well, and as tough as it is (physically and emotionally), it'll be kinda nice to have your body back!

  3. Murray doesn't hold his bottle either. I have, as a consequence, developed quite a cunning one handed technique! I'm looking forward to Murray getting the hang of the sippy cup too, but as of yet it has simply been spat out!

    I feel your sadness at it all ending. I'm pretty sure your crazy PMT (as you called it) is related.

    I think it would be better to do 2 easy before the 5K, then if you feel you have any energy left after you could do a bit faster than easy to finish the miles.

  4. Your kids are so cute. My Daugher is around the same age (6/19). I want to get a heartrate monitor too. I have no idea what my heartrate is when I'm running or the calories I'm burning, it would be interesting to know and I think it would motivate me a little too

  5. I would say do the easy before the 5k....you may be frustrated if you go too hard and then not have as much energy for the race.

    Periodically I wear my heart rate monitor all day and night to get a base. I usually do it on a rest day and a day I workout so I can see the difference. I have a friend who wears her monitor 24/7 all the time. She has lost 150lbs! When I was pregnant with Em the doctor wanted me to wear one when I was exercising so I just got a cheep-o one....the Polar one I got worked great and was only around $50.

  6. weaning was bitter sweet for me too. it reminded me how fast haley is growing up, yet it gave me back some freedom!!!

    good luck on your first tri...be careful...you might become addicted!!!!

  7. I don't have a HR monitor and don't really have an interest for training purposes, however I'd love to wear one to get an accurate idea of calorie burn. Keep us posted!

  8. I have this one from Timex and I love it! http://www.rei.com/product/778141 I wear the watch every day and only use the HRM when I bike.

    Good luck this weekend!!!

  9. good luck at the tri this wknd!

  10. Good luck with your first triathlon! If the swim is indoors, my guess is the swim will be more frustrating than the bike. Just too hard to get a bunch of people to swim properly inside (open water easier, more space). Transitioning from bike to run is CRAZY, but you will be faster even if you feel like your legs are jello/lead/bricks.
    Good luck!!!

  11. Good luck on the weaning and the tri!