20 - done!

Whew! So relieved that I had a better long run this week. Last week I was a complete MESS! I think that I ran SUPER SUPER slow today, but I don't really care. I felt good at the end and throughout most of it. I was thinking about my form whenever I lost interest or had negative thoughts. I also was smarter about hydrating and fueling.
6 miles-  milky way (fun size)
11 miles - snickers fun size
15 miles - milky way fun size

for drinking, about every 2 miles, I sipped a water/zico coconut water combo. I wasn't a fan of the taste of the coconut water while running, I just wanted plain water, but I think it really helped. Anyone else use the coconut during long runs?

Well, I'm glad that is in the books! Probably my longest (time-wise) long run ever, but the longest run I've done in over 2 years!

Afterwards, I had a power bar immediately - packed with protein. I stretched and took a wimp version of an ice bath when I got home. We didn't have much ice and I started with warm water in the tub so it melted most of the ice. I feel so much better than I did last week when I felt like I couldn't move from the couch the rest of the day. (I must have gone really really really slow!)


  1. Great job--who cares if it was slow, it was 20 miles long!!!

  2. Wow, 20 miles is amazing! Glad your long run was better for you this weekend!

  3. That is awesome that you just got out there and got the work done!!!

  4. Nicely done! I use Zico as well-- can't stand the artificial stuff, or maybe just haven't found the right drink for me. I'm a bit worried since coconut water is only really good for potassium, not other electrolytes, but I don't have a better (tasting) alternative yet. Keep us posted on your hydration experiments!

  5. Well done! Finishing healthy and comfortable is definitely more important than speed. And working out your fuel and hydration is critical to your mental preparation as well as your physical endurance. You still have time for your speed to return.

  6. Great job! I like the idea of candy while running, lol!

  7. Well done on the long run! Great idea bringing fun size chocolate bars!!