Where are you, runner moms?

My last long run = done

2 weeks from today is Marine Corps! Once again, I have not put in the time for training which should tell me something, and I think I've got it this time, but we'll see. My thoughts while running the long run yesterday: won't be doing another marathon till I'm 45 (last week it was 40).  Yesterday I did 15 miles. I was aiming for 18, and usually I do 12 two weeks out and ended up in the middle. It was another SLOW long distance.  Last weekend was 20, the weekend before was 16. The 20 went well, the 16 was awful, and this one was partially awful and partially decent.  I am going so slowly (averaging 10:30/11 min miles) that it's kind of crazy. Maybe it's a mind block? During the week, I am more in the 8:45-9:15 min range and feel strong.

Here was my outfit and soon I will have a review for you of the compression shorts. I think this will be my marathon outfit - I can't come up with any costumes and it's doubtful I'll actually be able to run w/ my sister anyway if we could think of something fun :( 

While I've been out there running with the group, I feel like I can't find people to run with (understandably because who is running at the pace I am - not many people) but in general, I feel like it would be nice to run with moms with small kids and chat. I'm starting to wonder if the moms are at home making pancakes and enjoying their Saturday morning with the family?  When I wake up, I usually dread it, but when I'm out there, I have mixed feelings - I have the morning off and I wish I was doing something else, and/or it's beautiful out. Depends on how the run is going. Right now, not so good. Just have to get to the finish for this one!

I did make THE pancakes I wrote about on Friday. They were delicious but a lot of work. I don't know if I'd make them again honestly but would love it if someone could make them for me! They were REALLY rich!! As delicious as they were, I don't even feel good if I eat much this type of thing anymore. The pancakes without the cinnamon and topping would have been good enough!

Kara enjoyed them with her Poppi.
I also decided that I'd rather give birth than pack up a house and move. Anyone agree?


  1. I'm a runner mom! I know 0 other runner moms. I wish I did though!

  2. Nice job on your final long run. You are putting in the mileage, even if your pace is not where you'd like it.

    Too bad you can't find moms to run with - that would help so much!

  3. Oh heavens this post speaks to me! After yesterday's marathon, I have decided to quit them for awhile. I finally accepted yesterday that I am overextending myself. I hate the fact that most of my runs are done at 8pm after baby is in bed, or done during lunch sneaking away from the office. It caused too much stress! And, my unning group people, who are great friends, don't get why I don't got for coffee after the weekend long runs, sign up for other races, etc. Where are the runner moms?

  4. Move to my neighborhood, just about every mom I know runs. While this is awesome, it is a little frustrating for me since I haven't been able to get out there and start training.

  5. I am also a running mom and know zero others locally! Everyone of my friends thinks I am crazy and say that all this running will come to an end for me soon. Where's the love!

  6. Nice job on your long run. I feel actually the same way. Can you move to Iowa I would love to run with you. I know it is so hard to find a running partner that is your pace and that like to get up early and get it done. Which is me. Your doing great with your training. You are going to Rock IT.

  7. i am a runner mom!! but i don't live near you, otherwise i'd love to run with you ;) i don't know what to tell you, but i think with my schedule, it'd be near impossible to coordinate with other runner moms.

    congratulations on getting this far! marine corps is a great marathon- nice choice!

  8. The only runner moms I know are bloggers!!! I'm out there though every Saturday morning and I swear I can smell other people's pancakes!!!

    I agree....I despise moving!!!

  9. Ha! I know other runner moms, but we don't live all that close, and we are all on our own schedules. I just try to fit in my running when I can, and trying to actually meet up with people to run just doesn't happen all that often. However, I am happy to run alone. Doesn't bother me at all - it's my "alone time" and it's always nice for me to clear my head out in the woods by myself. That said, I know that running with friends is such a boost and I do love the few times I get to do so!
    Good luck finding other moms to run with, and good luck with the move!!!

  10. Long time no comment but this runner mom is still here and with you!! xoxo Helen :)