weekend treat

Here's what you need to make this weekend!!!

Well, I came across this recipe on Kate's blog and I think that you might need to have pancake Sunday this weekend. I plan to bring back Pancake Sunday. Mmmm!  I might just have to decrease some of that butter and sugar though, we'll see.

Packing is completely overwhelming. I have felt like an awful mom over the past couple of weeks as I'm trying to spend the spare moments packing and getting frustrated very easily. We are renting until we find a house and I'm hoping that we'll be settled soon enough. We move in 10 days. The whole process = very stressful and not knowing how long we will be renting is KILLING me. It's not in the same town which means early morning workouts are not going to be convenient and that is my ONLY sanity! I know I will figure out a routine - including making those pancakes every Sunday? - but the lack of control is very hard for me to handle.

What's your favorite Sunday breakfast?


  1. Yummmmm! I'm sorry that things are so stressful for you right now! I know it was hard to move with one child let alone 2! I hope the next 10 days go smoothly and you are able to get settled soon! Kudos for selling your house though!!

  2. hate lack of control. moving sucks! good luck!

  3. I hear you re: moving!we recently moved and it was crazy (still kinda is). I know exactly what you mean with the lack of control. It's the worst! Best of luck during this challenge.

    I continue to be impressed by your workouts! I only wish I had half of your energy ;)

  4. Those look yummy!

    We just found out that we're moving, only it's from Ohio to Georgia. I'm stressed and overwhelmed beyond belief. I haven't even had the mindset to blog about it! :) Just know that I'm thinking about you... and struggling through it with you!