To run or not to run

Here is my schedule this week so far:
Monday - swim - that seems like it was 2 weeks ago! (moving day!)
Tuesday - 5+ miles - easy
Wednesday - spin and lift
Thursday - easy run? abs? elliptical? something else? OFF?
Friday - swim
Saturday- maybe nothing
Sunday - 26.2!

I just realized that if I do a couple miles on Saturday there will be no off day this week. I want my legs to be rested, so what is my best bet here??

There's a cool Cake Boss contest going on and Chari made a sweet 4th of July cake (seriously, so talented). Check it out and "like" her cake!   That counts as a vote. I really think she did a great job with it!

We're settling in to the new place and I really want to make some thin mints. I can't find any of our extracts, ugh!! I might just have to make the batter.

For stay at home moms - how do you deal with feeling lonely? Do you feel lonely?
I feel like I need to meet up with a friend almost every day to have someone to talk to. How do you plan our your week?

In addition, I saw this on Peas and Thank you! Do you have any warm coats that you don't use anymore? Donate them! Check out this site.


  1. I am a stay at home's hard but I've made it through the baby years now and it's not as hard. They talk to me and they interact but obviously the conversation is lacking adult interaction still. I ususally end up sitting on my husband for a half hour after he gets home from work just to get enough conversation and interaction out of him to make me satisfied. I used to have a need to get out every weekend for girl time but now that life is getting busier with my daughters (7 and 4) it's becoming harder and less needed.

  2. Sitting on him...hmmm...I re-read that and it may be taken wrong. Haha

  3. I think you should rest, but I will admit that my tapering for races involved lots of rest since I like to be lazy.

    When I first started staying home, i felt lonely all the time. And then especially after we moved. But now that I know more people in my neighborhood and have a sense of community, I dont feel nearly as lonely. Plus Elena is older and is great at making conversation so even if she is only 3, she is good company. But it is so true that staying home with kids can definitely be lonely and isolating.

  4. I work part-time and it makes me feel less lonely. I have no friends....hardly any. I lost most of them when I became I feel lonely lots of the time, but that's only when I have time to stop and think about it....bloggin helps.

    I think you should play your rest day by ear. I LOVE the cake, my friend does awesome work /w fondant like that. I have tackled a few cakes but I prefer just using good old buttercream and an icing tip! lol

  5. I'm a fan of keeping it moving through the taper... just reduce overall volume but keep the structure of your week. So if you normally run 4 days/week, still run 4 days/ week, just make them shorter. :)

    I think blogging helps keep a sense of community for SAHM!

  6. I think it is quite normal to want to get out and meet other mums most days. Murray and I certainly get out and about lots. Sometimes though, as Murray, is so often so active that I actually can't talk to anyone,that can feel a bit lonely - I probably feel that the most when I'm not with mum or v good friends though, as both mums and good friends offer help, or totally understand when you break off mid sentence to stop your crazy sprinting toddler from wiping himself out running off a flight a stairs and don't bat an eyelid when you carry off exactly at the same point you left off! lol!
    Sharing experiences with other mummies really does help with mummy hood. I know there are times when I think 'I must be the only thing to think that' and then I share with my mum friends and we all fall about laughing as we've all been feeling the same!

    Do what you think is right for the taper. 1 day off isn't going to make your legs too sluggish i would have thought!

  7. Rest those legs. You want them to feel fresh and ready to go on race day! :)

  8. Thanks so much for sharing!! I really appreciate it and everyone who enters!

    Yes, I do battle with the loneliness sometimes but the more I keep myself busy the less I feel that way. Also trying to sell the house has kept me from getting into any groups. Once we move and things settle down a little bit I really plan to do this.

  9. If anything I would just do a short run...go by how you feel! That cake is amazing!!!