Running form and Clif winner

I have been trying to work on my form while I'm running and focus on it. I was talking to some people that I swim with and they recommended this video below, which I found helpful. Check it out here - the first video on the page. Does anyone use the Newton shoes? I hadn't heard of them until this morning!

Also, 2 articles to share:
Cross Training Exercises  


Fluid and Carb Recommendations for Marathoners

Wish me luck with my Milky Way run tomorrow. I'm trying to get myself excited by focusing on form and thinking about Milky Ways. We'll see how long that lasts :-)

A recipe to share from this week:

Crockpot Chili - I added in Boca's veggie crumbles and this was tasty! It would go well with cornbread but I never got around to that.

The winner of the Clif Bars is Jaime
Please send me your info! tosha25italia at yahoo.


  1. Good luck tomorrow! And triathletes love Newtons. They do me no good because I already run on my toes. If you get some, be careful with them. Lots of people get injured with them doing too many miles too soon and their calves just aren't used to it.

  2. Good luck tomorrow!!! I know you'll rock it!!!