Back to some sort of normalcy

Alright! We sold our house and we moved yesterday. We are entering a time of normalcy where I can look around at a mess and not have to worry about it after months and months of our house being on the market and then having to pack everything up. The last 6 months were probably the most stressful in my life. It goes head to head with when I taught middle school for one year. I'm not sure which time period takes the cake.  I'm just excited to enjoy what is left of the fall now without a million worries and things to do!

We moved into my Aunt Mary's house - a 3 BR duplex- she passed away in April and my mom had bought her house about a year ago and was looking for renters. It worked out well and we're lucky to be able to have the opportunity while we look for houses. It's a relief that our house sold and I'm finally now feeling that way. We moved a few towns over (about 15 minutes away) and the Y that I belong to was 15 minutes in the other direction so I had to find a new gym temporarily. I went this morning to check it out! They had a 1 week free pass and it will do. I needed to know I'd have a routine. This gym is about 3 minutes away so it's nice. The kids have a yard to play in, Kara has a legit room (not an office with built in desk/cabinets, etc) and Nick gets a big boy bed! I was excited about the bed for probably 3 months. I bought the bedding when it was on sale months ago and couldn't wait to put it on the bed!

With everything going on, holy moly, it's MARATHON WEEK?? I feel like I haven't even thought about it AT ALL! I'm excited for it. The marathon is on Sunday when we'll head to DC for the weekend most likely without the kids. I'm not sure what I'm more excited for - the race or the sans kids part. Ha ha. The kids adapted well to our stepping stone house right now and tonight will be their first night sleeping here. Hopefully it will go ok!  Here are the kids at the house:

sharing a crisp fall apple

At the orchard this past weekend

I haven't even come up with a plan of tapering this week. I ran 5 today, swam yesterday and plan to spin tomorrow, run Thursday and take Fri and Sat easy. Easy run, easy swim. What do you do the week of the marathon?

 I picked up some of this to celebrate: Have you tried it? I couldn't decide between mint chocolate or the nog. I'll try the mint next!


  1. Glad you guys got moved and you're getting settled. It's all I can do not to buy eggnog right now. I'm making myself wait until at least November.

  2. I love the bedding!
    Enjoy your race and the time away from parenting responsibilities!

  3. cuties <3 I love all your photos

  4. I am glad the stress of selling the house is over. What a relief! Have fun at your race.

  5. What a relief to be done with the house sale! Good luck finding your next home - glad you have a place to stay for now!

  6. hope you new spot feels like home soon. cute kiddos!

  7. YAY for moving! We don't close on our house until the day before Thanksgiving! ugh!!! so we will be looking for a rental soon to live in while we build. Anyway, hope you find the house you are looking for.

    yum! I didn't know they had seasonal flavors out. Must pick up some next time I'm at WF!

  8. congrats on selling the house and having some normalcy! perfect timing w/ your race this wknd!! good luck on sunday.

  9. Congrats on the new house! Helen :)

  10. Glad to hear you're on the other side of the move!

  11. Glad you ae getting settled into your new place... for the time being! :)

    Best of luck this weekend!